Pretty dreamy, right? This is what we’re going to talk about inside the free event:


Have you created a pre-client transformation before?

You’re probably like, “what does this even mean?!” Well, imagine if you could design your own inquiries to match the type of clients/sessions that totally LIGHT YOU UP inside. Quality inquiries–no one to convince about documentary sessions. These people are eager to have a personal, real story photographed + fully trust in you to be the one to shoot it.

The 5 stages of potential clients (and how to get more stage 5 PC’s to your inbox)

What "transformation" means and why it works to hook + book new clients

How workshops can be the BEST place to create transformation (and get paid while you market)

The 3 must-have components to workshops to make them a serious marketing machine (without them, you just have another one-and-done workshop)

How you can create and rock your first/next workshop in the next 30 days!

Make beginner photography workshops your marketing machine for documentary photo sessions. Click to see when the next event is happening & get on the guest list:

In the workshop, we’ll cover:

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