Who is the Fearless and Framed Photographer?

She carries a full, sentimental heart on her sleeve. She is kind and easily liked by others, but only considers a small circle of people to be her soul mates. Her love for those in her life is fierce.

She is the most positive person you’ll ever meet too – even though inside she’s full of worry about life, parenting, being transparent and genuine through her work and being accepted, being good enough to earn the title of a great friend, sister, daughter, parent or wife.

Her days ebb and flow in a way she’s created and thrives in. For her choices, she is unapologetic, because at the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself before you can give your best to others. She carries herself with grace, gumption, and endless care for others (which makes it hard to put herself first sometimes).

She feels a little inferior when she sees others that appear to be killing it in their dreams and feels like work is never-ending with little progression. This makes her quick to react… but knows how to get back to calm and centered under pressure.

When others think of her, they see someone extremely motivated in its best form. They want to be more like her in that sense, because it’s kinetic. She’s not the “cool” person to be around, she’s the one that makes you feel great to be around.

She’s tough. When she hits a challenge, she’ll shake it off in dance, belt out a song, or grab a drink get right back to it with a clear focus on finding a solution. Sometimes, that means seeking help… and she’s ok with that. It’s about being resourceful.

As a photographer, she knows what ignites her behind the lens and intimately understands why. This realization may not have come easily and constantly evolves. Since finding voice as an artist, her fearlessness has been awakened.

She’s developed how to shoot in her own way – what everyone else thinks no longer matters. Though, the butterflies in sending a client their gallery of photos is still intense. She’s decided who her ideal client is and has reached a point in her career where she can tell the rest ‘no’ when it comes to booking a session that doesn’t move her.

Photography is the place she can ultimately be free. Whatever the story she photographs, her instinct is to document the story rather than play chess with her subjects to create some perfect, statement image.

Each choice she makes from the subject, the composition, the light, the camera settings, and the delivery is a collaboration of choices she takes a humble yet confident pride in. Her hours of dedication and practice have merited her the title of a serial moment-seeker – something her clients are in absolute awe over every time they see their new gallery.

She is Fearless and Framed.

(of course, if you’re a he, swap out she for he)