When a Newborn Fresh 48 Session Turns into a Birth Session

Guest post images and writing by Allison Corrin French


This birth was a divine gift. Although we had discussed birth photography, this mother had decided to opt for a Fresh 48 session in the hospital for her sweet daughter’s arrival and we had scheduled the time I would arrive. On my way, I texted the father-to-be and asked if precious Joy was here yet. “Not yet! We start pushing in 15 minutes!” He responded. My heart started racing.

Nearly frantic with excitement, I replied, “Do you want me to go ahead and document the birth then!?” “Yes, please!” My enthusiasm was matched, and I was on my way. The whole way there, I planned out my entrance. Realizing I wouldn’t have much time to prepare, I decided to begin with my 35mm lens as the versatility of both the focal length and focusing speed allows me to begin shooting regardless many variables.
I entered the room silently and immediately assessed the mood. Dad was wrapped around his wife, breathing with her, adoring her, coaching her through every push. The nurses were even quiet because they knew the parents bringing their daughter into the world were a team. I moved quickly, silently. I found an empty corner and grabbed the lenses I would need to keep handy. Without much preparation, there wasn’t much time for nerves, but without that preparation, I needed to anticipate every shift in emotion, intensity, and time was flying. Mom was a champion, with one final push, her daughter was on her chest, and once again, I was moving around in every corner where doctors and nurses weren’t, looking for the light, making sure to focus in on every expression, every bit of wonder present in the room.
My heart was alive, and my spirit was soaring. New life had arrived. And this child couldn’t have been more loved.


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