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I make it a point to keep her camera tucked away and only comes out for special occasions. Man, could you imagine if someone did that to you? It would be torture! Fortunately, a 2 year old easily forgets things. Outta sight, outta mind.

Two hours til bedtime

Kendall’s little brother, Levi, is Mr. Whiney these days. That hour was going by as slow as molasses. There’s no better way to cheer this mom up than doing something photography related, so I pulled out the DSLR for her.

My young photographer first took one of me. I have hesitated on sharing this, but whatever. What mom doesn’t look like a hot mess in the hour before her almost 3 year and 1 year old kids are in bed? This is tough work. She doesn’t see the flaws that I see in the photo. She didn’t skip the click, because I didn’t look my best. This is documentary photography at is finest: flawless and free.

toddler photographs mom


We walked outside as the sun of the golden hour was beautiful. We had to get her little brother out or I was going to to crazy. I just about died when I saw this abstract photo of the rocker. At 2, she has no knowledge of composition, so I thought this was brilliant. She shot the sky, some of Levi, and the mums on my porch below.

black and white photography Fall Photography


I couldn’t take Levi’s whining any longer. The four of us (Dave, my hubby was there too) jumped in the truck to go see the cows. There is a cattle farm down the road and we drive by every day after school. It’s sort of the highlight of the afternoon. I was secretly hoping that the car would put Levi to sleep. What I love about the next two photos is that I never knew her perspective until I saw these. She can see the cows, but not a full window view like I am able.

I had no idea her view looked like this. And her crooked horizon? Let it be. At 2, she is free from any rules. And I freaking love it.

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