Unzipping Your Downloaded Files

Before you begin the download process, let’s take a look at how getting your digital files typically works. It’s my goal to make this process as seamless as possible for you.



1. You must have a high speed internet connection. Files from Fearless and Framed, especially ebooks, are very very large (which is a good thing, because it means you are getting a ton of valuable content and beautiful imagery!).

2. You cannot attempt to download to a phone or other mobile device. You are downloading zip files and need to do so on a computer.

3. If you’ve purchased multiple items, complete the process for ONE file at at time. Attempting to download multiple files at once will cause problems possibly resulting in needing a new link, which has a charge at $5 per new link (which can be ordered here, if necessary). Make it easy and download one at a time.

4. Ensure that you know where your downloaded files are stored on your computer and understand how to get to them before you click the download button.

5. Make sure you do NOT have firewalls set up that can interfere with downloading. VERY IMPORTANT. This can cause errors reading the files are corrupt or empty, which is simply not true.

6. Understand your zip file software! Fearless and Framed does not support zip file issues as this is software on your computer and every computer varies. If you have trouble unzipping your files or they are reading an error, you must contact your zip file manufacturer. Before doing that, your best bet is to try another browser, disable firewalls while working with our download so that they are able to open, or try another computer altogether. We are not responsible for zip file software for the software working properly. Our checkout and files are tested and purchased on a regular basis and are downloaded and opened daily without fail.

7. Just because you’ve been able to unzip files in the past does not automatically mean our files are the big bad wolf. It’s honestly most likely your zip software or a firewall issue. Here is a link to several free zip file software products out there.

8. One final note: BACK UP YOUR FILES. You receive 3 download links per item, which expire 6 months after purchase. You back up your photos, because you never know when technology issues arise, so do the same for your purchases. If your hard drive crashes or you get a new computer, having files backed up on an external device or online storage platform is how you can retrieve old files. Reactivating a link is a charge of $5 if you need us to give you a new link.


Let’s get your files:

1. Log into your Account here.

2. Save the download and back it up.

3. Some computers and internet browsers will automatically unzip or extract your zip file download. If not, you will need to unzip or extract the folder that you have downloaded and saved. Most computers have a program for this process included as free software. If you have trouble unzipping your file, please contact your unzipping software manufacturer. If you have issues unzipping your file you will not need another download. Revert back to the saved zip file on your computer.


Still need help? We’re no more than an email away. Contact us and please allow for 48-72 hours for a response (unlikely will will take more than 24 hours for a response). Please send a screenshot of an error if you receive one for a problem other than an issue with unzipping. We recognize purchasing an exciting new item and running into technical issues is NOT fun and is frustrating and will get back to you as soon as possible.