The only framework that tends to the *WHOLE* picture in documenting


in a high level way that: 

1. Gives you more awareness in your life, SO THAT 

2. you can pause, feel, and respond in the way you want to honor a moment, story, or person that MATTERS to you.

You’ll spend 6 delightful weeks on simple, memory-managing activities to BETTER see the stories of your life & use them to serve yourself, your loved ones, and maybe even your business with intention + purpose.

Unfortunately, this experience is temporarily closed. 

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"The things you think about are at a different level than other classes. They’re not superficial. They involve critical thinking skills that get you to dig deep within yourself." 

Caroline Collins

“Last week, I took the time to update baby books + write letters to each child in my handwriting. Now, I'll need to teach them my handwriting (ha!), but it felt GOOD. I realized: handwriting my thoughts + memories was one thing I haven't been doing, because people have criticized my handwriting. But, it doesn't matter. I am me. Imperfect me. My kids don't need perfect. They just need me."

Elizabeth H

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"Once I committed to making a start on this phase, it was really hard to stop! Lately, I've been waking up at 5am before everyone's awake. I make a coffee and start organizing / editing. It's been great starting my day knowing I've made progress in this area."

Jean P

“People don’t think they’re gonna miss parts of their life.

The Preservation Project is about awareness of those moments you’ll miss, so you can DO something now. It’s about less photos, more quality.” 

Pam Dubasek

“I'd expected TPP to be more like so many other photography related courses I’ve taken, with a lot of assignments and photos needing to be taken. It was a pleasant surprise that that was not the focus." 

Nicole Miller-Cline