What is it? A light, guided experience for over-worked photographers where “documenting” serves a deeper purpose without the technical judgement lens.


Focus on YOUR story + the WHOLE picture of documenting this season.

We’ll spend 4 delightful weeks on simple, memory-managing activities to BETTER

tend to the stories of our lives with intention + purpose.

Goodbye haunting, biz-brain hurricane, hello, again, new photographer spark.

Unfortunately, this experience is temporarily closed. 

Fill out the form with your BEST email. We'll email you when it's open:

Why TPP is worth the wait + you should fill out ^^ that ^^ form:

"Once I committed to making a start on this phase, it was really hard to stop! Lately, I've been waking up at 5am before everyone's awake. I make a coffee and start organizing / editing. It's been great starting my day knowing I've made progress in this area."

Jean P

“Last week, I took the time to update baby books + write letters to each child in my handwriting. Now, I'll need to teach them my handwriting (ha!), but it felt GOOD. I realized: handwriting my thoughts + memories was one thing I haven't been doing, because people have criticized my handwriting. But, it doesn't matter. I am me. Imperfect me. My kids don't need perfect. They just need me."

Elizabeth H

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