The Preservation Project™ Beta

Recently, I asked the question to my email list:

What prevents you from recording your family memories (in whatever form feels right to you – photographically, written, audio, etc.)?

There were overwhelming responses of:


I had a hunch those would be the responses, because I’m feeling these things too!

WE HAVE ALL THE TOOLS – our cameras, our pens, our journals, etc.

But we’re getting clouded by business ambition (brain swirls of hurricane ideas), being “busy,” being so present and in-the-moment that we’re not SEEING that something worth remember is happening right NOW in front of us, OR we’re living through our iPhone cams (recording more than we’re living)!

We know we only get 18 summers with our kiddos if we’re lucky, and they’re only little for a little while.

We know we want to make the most of this time with them and bottle up everything we want to remember when we’re 80. 

We know we want to raise confident, kind humans and if we record the greatness in them that WE SEE, we can give / show them another level of proof + power that we BELIEVE in them.


And in doing so, we will:

  • Pump our family legacy box up with memories, meaning, and love through photographs, notes, etc.
  • Have a reliable way to return to our center when life gets crazy – to reflect, to heal, to grow
  • Turn mindfulness into a HABIT to easily see moments worth bottling up around you – a renewed way to see your world around you in the best times, the day-to-day, and even in the low times (ever see Collateral Beauty? – this is exactly what I’m talking about!)

To get there, we have to take intentional ACTION.

We have to INTEGRATE the actions slowly into our lifestyle to form a habit.

And when we’re feeling like there’s not much worth documenting – when our mind is swirling in a biz hurricane or our kid is having a moment – we need FRIENDS who can hold up a mirror and reflect perspective back to us.

And this is what the first edition of The Preservation Project™ experience is about!

1995. My Grandma’s first visit to our family cabin that had been in our lives for 10 years. 4 months later, she passed away. 22 years later, I remember this trip like it was yesterday with a glance at this picture and am so glad someone in our fam was MINDFUL to pull out the camera for this old snapshot.


Wait, the WHAT?

The Preservation Project™ – it’s an experience. Not another course or workshop. (As we concluded above, we need action, not information.)

It’s a 4 week small-group experience (WITHOUT the small group price tag) to snap out of full-time business-mode and into mindful PLAY + contentment-mode – using our cameras and a pen as our tools to help us (literally) focus on what matters most to us this season.

We’ll have a Facebook hub of others (with a range of photography experience) who get inspired through LIFE conversations (kind of like never-ending convos over dinner or drinks with your besties).


It will be organized into weekly themes (observation, preservation, expression, & connection) in place to help us:

  • become more mindful
  • check off a few living memories off our to-shoot (or to-write) list
  • save our photos and writings from getting lost in Digi-Neverland
  • allowing our recordings to communicate our love and connect with the ones we love the most

The BONUS is that our best seasons of life will last inside our legacy boxes for years – and generations – to enjoy!

A truly selfless spend, because your whole fam gets to reap the benefits of your Preservation Project™.

Our Gathering Place

Our Facebook Hub (FB Group) is where we’ll declare our weekly missions, update on our progress, share our photos/writings/recordings that make our hearts swell, ask for as-needed feedback/ideas/advice, and most definitely inspire each other through real life stories, remember-whens, and renewed vision ah-ha’s around what’s happening right NOW.

Weekly Missions (Zone of Action + Integration):

Inside our FB group, I’ll post a delicious menu of small action step IDEAS that fall under each of our weekly mission themes. You get to shape your Preservation Project™ how you want – your lens, your pen, your way – by choosing one small action to tackle.

(or come up with your own inspired action!)

While we ARE on a weekly theme schedule, you get to show up for your Preservation Project™ on your own time! There are no calls / places to be at a certain time. You’ll integrate one small action each week into your life. Easy peasy p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s.

Our FB Group already has our menu of ideas for our Weekly Missions, so you can think and decide on how you wanna shape your Preservation Project™ this round.

Keeping in the theme of team spirit, you’ll declare what you want to tackle each week via the Weekly Mission post that’ll be published on MONDAYS.

Those weekly missions will be:


To refresh and enhance our mindfulness to see more goodness worth documenting (whether with your camera, video, or in words).


We’ll act on what we want to remember – document one thing, however it feels right to you.


We’ll ACT on how we want our recordings to be expressed (so they aren’t lost in Digi-Neverland, never to be seen). It’s about expressing your voice and perspective to heighten the connection with your loved ones, you’ll decide what role you want your preservation piece to play.


Share your picture(s) and/or writing with your loved ones. There’s nothing more fun than sitting down and looking through our memories! This weekly mission could also be used to ASK questions to your loved ones too.


Each week, there will be plenty of conversations running in our FB group (you choose which you wanna participate in) to get our creative juices flowing from our weekly mission actions, to sharing what memories made a big impact on us, to reflect on what’s making our everyday life vision a little foggy, to inspire on favorite ways to bottle up the memories, and more.

The Preservation Project™ Outcome

In a recent email to my list, I wrote:

“I refuse to spend another season burried in my business ambition while life plays out in the background.

You know that Mother’s Day interview sheet that kiddos bring home from school?

My daughter’s answer to “What does my mom like to do?” was “work.”

(Not gonna lie: that crushed my heart a little.)

I want to kids to remember “mom” differently.

*I* want to remember “mom” differently.”

A successful Preservation Project experience for me will LOOK like an updated entry in each of my kids’ journal and printed pictures of our fall FUN and it will FEEL like I enJOYed my family more than indulging in indoor screen-time (like I have been).

YOUR success story will look / feel like however you want it to look. The space for connection and action is here for you, but you have to pick up the camera or the pen and take the steps.

Preserving living memories


Let’s Talk Investment

This version of The Preservation Project™ is just a taste of what’s to come! I experienced some major truth-bombs earlier this year (I’ll dish all the details inside TPP). This experience is the first step I’m taking in a much bigger vision to help people live with more mindfulness and preserve more of their living memories.

You’ll be a founding member of The Preservation Project™ and will help me shape what’s next for this adventure!

Whatever this blossoms into, your investment for this beta experience can be a deposit on the official Preservation Project™ if you choose.

I’ve shaped this beta version of The Preservation Project™ to be highly refreshing, easily actionable, and a no-brainer investment for being a founding member.

You’re IN for The Preservation Project™ for just $99. 

(Yeah, you read that right!)

The future, official version of The Preservation Project™ will be a longer time commitment with a 4 digit price tag.

Let’s Do This Right >>

Before I show you the checkout page and welcome you to TPP, let’s make sure we’re shooting for the same vibe.

The Preservation Project™ Beta Member Agreement

I confirm and agree that:

  • I know this is not a class, workshop, or course. This is an EXPERIENCE and to get the most out of the experience, it’s up to me to participate and connect.
  • Marie is leading the conversation and weekly mission themes / ideas, but this is not a ticket for unlimited feedback 24/7 through the group, her inbox, or her brain.
  • I understand that The Preservation Project™ beta experience is non-refundable.
  • The Weekly Missions will be full of ideas, but it’s up to ME to pick an idea and integrate it into my life.
  • I’m an AMBITIOUS business woman who feels GOOD about this investment to enhance my mindfulness while simultaneously growing our family legacy box through pictures, writing, or however else I choose to preserve our living memories.
  • I know what I want see / feel out of this experience and I’m EXCITED to get started!

If you can easily and confidently say YES to all of the above, then let’s do this!

Preserve the best memories of your life with me + the rest of our friends inside The Preservation Project™ beta! We begin October 16th.


^^^ click this link to make your one-time investment of $99