Symbolic Photo of Strength and Wisdom

Sometimes, a photo that can be iconic to you doesn’t have to be a subject that you know or in a familiar place. It could be a small detail in the overall image that sweeps you away to a feeling you can’t shake. In this case, her hand. I’ve always believed hands tell a person’s story all on their own – especially if aged and beautifully wrinkled. Here, I actually first thought of my own Grandma when I saw her clinging to her husband during the Anniversary Dance at the wedding I was shooting. This one hand tells me about the long marriage she’s had, her strength and endless hard work, and her deep love and care for her family. And yes, they won the Anniversary Dance.

My Grandma passed away in 2008. This photo is symbolic to all of the characteristics she possessed, which is why I’ve classified it as an Iconic Photo. I used to have these long talks with my Grandma – who was always straight to the point and honest. Her and my Grandpa had celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary in 1999. Even though this photo is of someone else’s Grandma, the feeling this photo evokes in me is all that matters.

You can view more of the photos from this wedding HERE under Andy & Kate’s Wedding Reception.

Symbolic Photo


Camera Data: 1/400 f/2.8 ISO 2500 24-70mm Canon 5D Mark III

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I help client documentary photographers fine-tune their workflow + marketing game, so their work is filled with sessions that represent their voice + client values while earning a living. I shoot undirected, off-beat stories that aren’t preserved often enough (like the story of couples before starting a fam or becoming empty-nesters – a dream project of mine), so my clients’ old box of photos is a meaningful, visual diary of their life + legacy to leave behind.

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