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If you’re head over heels with documentary photography and want to find more clients that share your passion, this is THE tool for you!

The Client Attractor Toolset will help you tug on the heartstrings of your dream clients through your marketing… attracting them to your inbox. You will run an exercise to identify your potential clients’ content needs first. Next, you’ll put a magnetic marketing plan in place to attract YOUR dream clients with the step-by-step worksheet.

As inquiries start flowing in, you’ll top this strategy off with our exclusive Real is the New Perfect Photo Challenge. This quiz will inspire your potential clients to ditch their usual park sessions and plan for a more meaningful session in a personalized, visual way. This very challenge has been used by Fearless and Framed® to help photographers and clients have their ah-ha moment + flip the switch to say YES to documenting a must-have a captured experience they otherwise may never have deemed valuable.

Only purchase this toolset if you are serious about connecting with more clients that crave a documentary shoot.

Are you giving yourself the opportunity to inspire potential clients with your documentary photography services? Or, are you leaving it up to them to learn about how you can help them? If you are frustrated over all the hours into blogging and social media with no response, keep reading.

It’s time to stop this guesswork marketing plan based on what you see everyone else doing… let’s build your marketing structure around the clients YOU want to work with, fueled with YOUR experiences and stories. When you start to actually connect with people before selling to them, it’s truly a game changer.

This 4 piece toolset includes:

  • The Client Attractor Jumpstart Guide: a 15 page, no fluff guide to walk you through the process, step-by-step. This is short, sweet, and actionable.
  • The Client Attractor Survey you can implement today to gather must-have information about your potential dream clients from this day forward
  • The Dream Client Profile & Marketing Map to take the information you’ve gathered and fuel your marketing plan
  • BONUS: The Real is the New Perfect Photo Challenge – The Holy Grail of getting clients to GET IT. This quiz will tap into the minds of your clients and convince them a documentary session is a necessity… without actually doing any convincing (they’ll convince themselves through their quiz responses). Pretty cool, right?

Your purchase includes:

You will download a ZIP folder.  It is important that you first SAVE this folder to your computer and another source.  Once downloaded you will need to UNZIP the folder to retrieve the files inside. Make sure your firewall settings allow you to download zip files, extract, and open.

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD TO A COMPUTER – NOT YOUR IPAD, NOT YOUR PHONE. Transfer the pdf to those devices after downloading and unzipping to your computer. A relink fee will be charged if you attempt to download to another device first only to find out your device doesn’t have the software to unzip. Need download help? See our download support page here.

3 Download links that expire 30 days after purchase. This file is LARGE and will take several minutes to download. DO NOT click on the download link more than once while a download is in process as you will start over and lose your link. Make sure you are in an area with high speed internet before downloading. A relink fee of $5 will be charged for new links.

Your purchase does not include transfer of ownership of this product. That means, do not share with a friend, do not upload to a torrent site, do not share a link with another person as this is stealing!! Copyright to all products included in download belong to Fearless and Framed, LLC under Federal Copyright Laws.

Due to the nature of this purchase, immediate download, no refunds will be given.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download the product immediately and securely back up all purchases.

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1 review for The Client Attractor Toolset

  1. JoJo Cooper (verified owner)

    Absolutely love everything Marie produces, her insight into the struggles photographers face with educating clients and steering them towards documentary photography is amazing. Having the opportunity to benefit from her years of experience has enabled me to go back to shooting what I love! Thank you Marie. 🙂

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