Client Questionnaires for Documentary Photographers

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Running successful documentary photo sessions takes a great deal of getting to know your clients up front. You need to know more than the average client questionnaire and encourage clients to dig deep in their thoughts and feelings. The intel you gain from a client from the beginning will determine your inspiration for planning their session + how on point you are to fulfilling their expectations.

Use these questions to include in a welcome packet or save some for conversation pieces in your consultations.

Be the expert in knowing what is most important, most special, most intimately valued by your clients with these questions. Each variation has many insightful questions for its category:

  • For Families has questions all geared towards family dynamics, habits, routine, and more. This includes 3 questions specifically for the kids!
  • For Couples has questions all geared towards a couple’s relationship. This intel will help you to plan a meaningful session based on the most important components of what makes your client couple tick.
  • For Maternity Sessions has questions ready to go for the soon-to-be mom, questions for dad, and questions for the siblings.
  • For In-Home Sessions has questions exclusively about your clients home. These details are a must-know when you are entering their home to shoot.
  • The Personality Worksheet has questions all geared towards an individual. This is item should be used in addition to the Family, Couples, and Maternity questions. You will want your clients to complete this worksheet for each participant of the photo session.
  • For Birth will find out about mom’s birth plans, comfort level with the camera present, and the emotional side of the journey to parenthood for both parents.

If you are wondering if this is like your average client questionnaires out there, they are most definitely not. These questions go deep and are tailored to help you build a relationship with your clients!

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2 reviews for Client Questionnaires for Documentary Photographers

  1. Whitney (verified owner)

    I purchased the Maternity and Birth questionnaire guides to get some guidance of various questions to ask my clients before our sessions. For the price I figured that even if they weren’t super helpful, it wouldn’t be a total waste of money. I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to use the entire questionnaire when building my forms for my clients. I have used them several times now with clients and it really does prompt them to give a good bit of informations so I can really get to know them before the session. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be purchasing other items from Fearless and Framed.

  2. Amber DeCicco

    5 big stars!

    These questionnaires are perfectly worded and beautifully designed so I feel proud sending them to clients.

    Before I had these questionnaires, I thought to myself “Couldn’t I just make my own…” but these really are stellar. The questions are thoughtful and hit on so many different aspects that I would not’ve thought to ask myself, and yet help deliver the GOLD NUGGETS of helpful information about my clients. These help me deliver the best work of meaningful photographs that I can. I’ve incorporated these into all of my sessions and I feel a deeper connection with the clients I’ve used the questionnaires on than the ones I hadn’t.

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