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Do you want to achieve an unposed, documentary look in your photos? The secret is that it’s not a look… it’s truly about creating emotive images based on what drives you within. If you are looking to photograph freely while creating strong images of real stories + memories, Goodbye, Posing Guide: Childhood edition is for you. This 45 page ebook includes all of this + more:

  • Best kept secrets to get that deep, soulful stare from a child + genuine smiles and laughter
  • How to see photo opportunities in ANY scene with a documentary approach
  • How to shoot powerful photos without the fancy client wardrobe and posing
  • Explore light scenarios, composition & framing to add drama and set a mood
  • Go-to tools for fast and easy post-processing
  • and what I can only hope will be that {soft} kick in the rear push you need to train your mind to become aware of shot opportunities without a need for posing

This ebook is aimed at photographing kids, but you can utilize the teachings for any type of subject.

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Author: Marie Masse

The Goodbye, Posing Guide is like shooting mentoring without the price tag.  We will dive right into the very secrets I use before I even get to shooting… my mindset. Seriously, there is a checklist in here that tells you step-by-step my thought process in evaluating a scene to produce photos of real stories + memories.

Topics include:

  • A Message from Marie
  • Your Perspective
  • The Art of Observation
  • You’re the Artist
  • Throw out your Posing Guide
  • Planning for the Unplanned
  • Get Playful with Light
  • Get Moving
  • Light, Camera, Action
  • Creative Framing
  • Add Childhood
  • Interaction
  • Props with a Purpose
  • Question of the Day
  • Post Processing
  • Photos that Stole My Heart

You can even benefit from this book if you are shooting with your iPhone or a another non-DSLR camera. There are some technical pieces in this eBook, but so many of the sections you can utilize to make your photos shine without the technical skill. GPG is sized for Mag Cloud for you to upload and print, if you choose to.

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3 reviews for Goodbye, Posing Guide ebook

  1. Melissa Rich

    I have always been drawn to natural, lifestyle and documentary type images. When shooting for clients, though, I always felt like they wanted the posed shots with everyone looking at the camera. I usually try to get those first and then move on to more of what suits my style. But, I have to admit that the trade off often leaves me feeling deflated and lacking inspiration. I love the Goodbye Posing Guide as it offers an approach that I can easily incorporate into my sessions. Marie explains her thought process, how she selects the lens, light, settings and angle for her shots and really spells it all out so you feel like you could be there with her. I tend to learn best by doing, so having the play by play details really helps! And I love that I can take note of her tips and apply them easily the very next time I pick up my camera.
    This ebook is full of useful and very detailed info – not fluff. Her images are beautiful and inspiring and she covers everything she does, including her favorite processing tips. I love her work and have really enjoyed her ebooks. They are well worth the investment. Her encouraging words have helped me move my photography work to be more in line with what makes my heart happy, and that’s priceless.

  2. Ari

    This guide will give you a fresh new outlook on your sessions. I have always had a need to document my life and wanted to bring that same eye into my business photography. This guide has made me realize it is ok to do so and actually , my clients really want that! There are so many ideas and different ways to approach documentary photography that are taught in this book. Besides the beautiful images, you will have a renewed look on how you approach your photography from here on out. Thank you for this! I would have paid 10 times more to have the confidence and understanding to make this happen and this ebook did just that.

  3. Sarah Chase

    This guide came at the perfect time, and really helped give me the confidence to photograph the way that feels natural to me. I love this guide, and I recommend it!

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