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Make client pictures that keeps family history alive without directing or posing. Forget the park, forget the matching wardrobe. All relationships matter: the bond of a mother & daughter, grandparents, cousins, friends. Your clients will thank you for preserving who matters. Consider adding relationship focused sessions as an upsell or aligning offer for your past or potential clients!

The 90+ page ebook will:

  • teach you how to approach a documentary-style in your sessions beyond typical sessions with young children
  • share easy communication tips to plan a successful client documentary photo sessions
  • discuss lighting, gear, and even some shooting techniques for documenting stories
  • take you on a heartfelt journey through a back-to-school shopping trip with a mom and teenage daughter. Use this proven strategy to turn any scenario into a photo session. Find out how the session made an impact on them – you will be blown away by their interviews!
  • show you how documentary photographer, Marie Masse, did an entire session with no directing, no posing, and without clients looking to her like, “uh, what do we do now?”

Buy this book if:

  • you want to boldly stand out from local photographers + break away from trendy sessions
  • have a passion for documenting history in the making and telling an honest story
  • want to create images of real-life memories, not just a pretty picture
  • want to say goodbye to posing and start shooting with freedom, passion, & confidence

BONUS: 54 minute mp3 audio version of the ebook perfect for listening along as you work out or get inspired just before a session. $25.00 value

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Author: Marie Masse, Documentary Family Photographer

Back-to-School shopping experiences from childhood – what do you remember? Shopping was a tradition year after year that my mom and I did together. Driving to the mall, about to be spoiled, and spending time with just her was a dream. But I have no photos of this special memory.

Think of YOUR most priceless memories. Do you have photos of those? It’s time to give a gift to clients that will go beyond measure.

Family History Photo Sessions will strongly shift your thinking in the type of sessions you take on. No matter who your subject is, this will give you a fresh shooting mindset into documentary style photography. If you’re struggling to perfect the perfect pose and find the magic words to get your subjects to do exactly as you envision, stop. Conducting these types of sessions will stand you apart from your competition.

What is documentary photography anyway? It’s not directed. Not posed. Shooting is based on pure emotion…. yielding photos surely to make mom cry…. maybe not today, but in those moments she is wishing her babies are little again and she’s thankful to have this gift of visual memories on paper.

Buy this ebook and you will find your ah-ha moment! See the reviews 😉

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5 reviews for Family History Photo Sessions ebook

  1. MarieMasse

    From Claudia who won the ebook on an Instagram Giveaway: I just wanted to thank you for giving me the e-book. It has sparked something inside of me to want to photograph others not just my family in that style.

  2. Ari Dorfman

    Seriously wow! This is what my sessions have been needing! I new outlook, thinking out of the box. This guide is awesome, has beautiful artwork and walks you step by step through an awesome and innovative session. Thank you so much for giving me a new outlook on my family sessions.

  3. Misty

    This was worth every penny as it gave me the push in confidence to do this! Documentary photography is my first love. I’ve been trying for years to change over my lifestyle photography business. I always start of doing what I know the clients want (that perfect polished image) and then shoot more documentary style. I have never been able to cut that branch off completely. However, from Marie’s easy to understand steps, beautiful pictures that show exactly what she has written, and her encouragement throughout to do this – I’m ready to jump. Starting in 2015, I will only be doing these types of family sessions. Thank you Marie!

  4. Melissa Rich

    This is a wonderful ebook – beautifully written, with gorgeous images and so much insight into a new way of thinking and shooting. I just finished reading it and feel so validated and inspired. I will refer to this book again and again. Thank you Marie!!

  5. Bianca (verified owner)

    This e-book was such an enjoyable read, and packed with great insight and encouragement for anyone who hopes to do more documentary work both in their personal life and professionally. I really enjoyed seeing Marie’s incredible low light, and mixed light photography throughout the book and would LOVE to have a session like this one day when my daughter is older. Thank you for providing such wonderful resources, like this e-book, to documentary photographers!

    • MarieMasse

      Thank you, Bianca!! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review on this item and your words made my day <3

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