Client Contract for Documentary Family Photographers


Your clients are freely giving you access to their most priceless, highest values:

their hearts, loved ones, and home. 

They want need to feel total trust + confidence that you’ll not only record their lives with honesty, but you’ll do so with the utmost respect to their family. This contract proves you’re up for the job.

Documentary Family Photography is different than Portrait Photography, so your contract should reflect that.

This is a lawyer-drafted contract template made for you: the documentary family photographer. Fill in the blanks with your details + ship this baby off to your clients quickly, with confidence that all your bases are covered.

Your documentary photographer + lawyer co-written contract covers all the service essentials:

  • Payments, Refunds, & Cancellations (if client cancels, if you need to cancel)
  • Detailed outline of services + extra costs clients need to be aware of up front
  • Image Ownership & Copyright
  • Final Image Delivery (online gallery)
  • Venue Release
  • Archival
  • Accidental Destruction or Loss
  • Release of Liability
  • Model Release
  • BONUS: Separate Model Release

And speaks to some of the sensitive subjects we come across for your protection and help private clients to be at ease:

  • Unattended children & their safety
  • Protection from injury & damages
  • Exit protection for your safety (pets, harassment, any other unsafe situations that may arise)
  • Liability release from the context of the photos + clearly states what client should do if they do not want something photographed
  • Release from results (clients are clear you aren’t promising specific results)
  • Client request to stop shooting does not stop your timeclock during shooting

You’ll receive one editable file (Microsoft Word document) to make this your own.

The files included are: Documentary Family Photography Contract Template (Word Doc)

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