• Client Guide Template for Documentary Photographers

    Consider the pre-potential client. What information may help them turn into a potential client? More than a pricing menu, use your client guide to attract more of your best clients with emotion + enlightening education.
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  • Client Questionnaires for Documentary Photographers

    Be the expert in knowing what's most important, special, and intimately valued by your clients with these questions. Use their responses to create a framework for their documentary session. Clients are relaxed, you shoot the magic.
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  • Client Testimonial Maximizer

    "OMG I love our photos!" isn't enough. It feels amazing to us as the photographer, but this kind of testimony isn't going to win over potential dream clients that are stuck on major booking hesitations. Let's go deeper.
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  • Sale!

    Family History Photo Sessions

    Make client photos that keep family history alive without directing or posing. Forget the park or matching wardrobe. All relationships matter: mother & daughter, grandparents, cousins, friends. Clients will thank you for preserving who matters.
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  • goodbye posing guide ebook

    Goodbye, Posing Guide

    Fearless and Framed is about creating emotive images based on what drives you within using a documentary approach. If you're looking to photograph freely while creating strong images of real stories + memories, this one's for you.
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  • Sale! how to photograph documentary maternity session

    Goodbye, Posing Guide: Documentary Maternity Sessions

    Imagine taking a step back in time and seeing your parents as they were in their "early years" starting a family. A tangible connection to our history is invaluable and you can give this gift to your clients and their children. This ebook will help you get started.
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  • Intentional Documentary™

    The Pre-Session Workflow to Photograph Real Client Stories with Purpose - It's about creating a framework for clients to feel comfortable while you can photograph freely, maintaining a documentary approach.
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  • documentary photography beginner workshop

    Profitable Photography Workshops

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  • Serial Moment-Seeker’s Bundle

    Clients were happy, but I craved to photograph the story without creating the story. Learn basic documentary shooting techniques for all subjects and truly see how you can turn any memorable life event into a heartfelt session with ease.
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  • Shooting + Selling Documentary School Portraits

    Turn slow months into peak earning months by shooting documentary school photos that parents buy directly from you + dozens of new families get acquainted with your work in a way that’s personal to them. That’s what this eBook is going to teach you to do.
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  • The Client Attractor Toolset

    It's time to stop this guesswork marketing plan based on what you see everyone else doing... let's build your marketing structure around the clients YOU want to work with, fueled with YOUR experiences and stories.
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