Quote Us & Win

Have you had any big ah-ha’s after reading or learning something over here at Fearless & Framed?

Chances are, when you learn something, others are feeling the same way you’ve felt BEFORE the new knowledge or ah-ha moment. Also, when you learn something, implement the lesson, and there’s been a positive transformation, people really want to know about it! That’s what Quote Us & Win is all about. We want to use the power of community to spread knowledge – leading to more photographers strengthening their shooting + business skills as well as more people getting deeply meaningful photos of their loved ones and memories. Additionally, this helps us continue to create and curate content that helps YOU (our audience) best!


You might be thinking: “Well, Marie, what’s in it for me?” 

If you’ve ever sought out answers from photographers to your questions, I hope you’ve received the help you’ve needed. It’s your turn to be the one helping others – which can feel pretty amazing to be that positive, encouraging person in someone’s corner. This is one of the reasons I love doing small things, such as our Motivation Monday, inside of our main Facebook Group. If that’s not enough, we’re looking to feature stories of ah-ha moments and transformation on our blog (YOU could be our next blog feature and we’d love to brag about you!). This will be a fun blog post where we can tell our community about the awesome work you’re doing and inspire others with a short story about your photography journey (and, show off your work too!).

And if that’s still not enough… because I believe so much in the spirit of community, each quarter I’m giving away one 1:1 Ask Me Anything call with myself, Marie Masse (Documentary Photographer + Founder of Fearless and Framed). Want tips on shooting in low light? We can talk about that! Want to discuss your sales funnel? I’ll give you my best feedback! Want feedback on your website and how you can improve it to get more clients? Sure thing! You can tap into my shooting and/or marketing knowledge for a full 30 minutes.


How do I enter?

  1. First, when you stumble across a blog post or lesson inside of a F&F product that’s given you an ha-ha moment or influenced your business in some way, jot down the quote that stuck with you most.
  2. Second, share the quote with others on social media! Tag us in your post so we see it! Use #fearlessandframed and/or @fearlessandframed on Instagram or tag our Fearless and Framed FB Page on Facebook. You may post on Twitter, though we’re not very active over there. Marie’s twitter is @mariemassephoto. If you’re referencing a Fearless and Framed blog post and it was written by a photographer other than Marie, of course you are welcome to tag this person also (they’ll love the shout out!).
  3. Then, send a screenshot of the post and email it to us at marketing@fearlessandframed.com so you are entered to win.

What qualifies as a quote?

Literally a sentence or two from a blog post on Fearless and Framed or from a Fearless and Framed product. No screenshots and let’s be clear: We do NOT want to see product reviews! So your quote could look like this:

“Listening to words that played on different photography styles (real, authentic, engaging, candid, organic, raw, posed, unposed, etc.) made me feel like, “oh, I need to do that.” The problem was, doing ‘that’ meant trying to do it all, because I thought it all sounded good. So, my own shooting intuition was left behind.” – quote from Fearless and Framed’s blog post: Income and Intuition.

OMG this was so me! This was the reminder I needed to make sure I’m putting me into my photos and not getting caught up in the trendy terminology.

Here is an example of what does NOT qualify: 

“I just read the Goodbye, Posing Guide childhood ebook from Fearless and Framed and it’s totally helped me see how I can approach any subject in a documentary way. This has been a big eye-opener.” 

^^ See the difference? ^^

We’re not looking for product endorsements for this ongoing contest. We’re looking for actual nuggets that have given you a learning experience. Also, you do not have to add the link to a product (if that’s what you’re quoting), but linking to the blog post would be much appreciated.


The Official Rules:

  • Each time you quote a blog post/product from Fearless & Framed and your take-away(s), you will be entered to win for the month and quarter you’ve posted.
  • Duplicate posts are not permitted (meaning, you cannot share the same quote + learning experience over and over to count as entries. Each entry needs to reference a different quote + learning experience)
  • You may post a maximum of one quote per week to qualify as an entry. We don’t want you to start to look spammy! These should be genuine learning experiences you’re sharing about.
  • Monthly, we will draw someone to receive a blog feature (as long as there are a minimum of 10 entries, otherwise, your post will rollover to the next month until there are 10 entries minimum).
  • Quarterly, we will draw someone to receive a 30 minute 1:1 call with Marie (as long as there are a minimum of 10 entries, otherwise, your post will rollover to the next quarter until there are 10 entries minimum).
  • Monthly drawings will happen within the first week of each new month. Quarterly drawings will be held within the first week of April, July, October, January.
  • In order to be entered into the drawing, the quote on social media, tagging Fearless and Framed or linking to the blog post is required and you must send marketing@fearlessandframed.com a screenshot and/or link to your so we can verify your entry.
  • The winner(s) will be contacted via email.
  • You may enter to win as much as 10 times per quarter.
  • There is no cash value to this prize, if you do not redeem your half-hour call, it cannot be exchanged for monetary value.
  • Product reviews will not be considered as entries into this contest! (But are certainly appreciated. To leave a product review, head to the store, click the product, and enter a review there or just email us at hello@fearlessandframed.com.)
  • Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.
  • 1:1 call winners will be required to submit a maximum of 5 questions in advance prior to the calls. Full website or portfolio reviews are not a part of this experience, but Marie will be happy to review a few, specific web pages or ONE full session. These reviews will likely take up most of the 30 minute call.