5 Minutes with My Manly Man – A Photography Project

Guest post writing and images from photographer, Jennifer Bailey.

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He asked me to come into the garage to help him work on our son’s dirt bike. I asked what I could do to help at first and he said “keep me company.” So I waited. The light coming in the small dirty window was amazing and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to photograph it. I grabbed my camera and just as I started to take some pictures of him he got a phone call. He ended up being on the phone in all the photos, but I love the way they turned out.

Like every new mom, I started taking a lot of photos after my oldest child was born. That was 5 years ago, and while I thought I took OK pictures then, I really feel like I am just now finding my place in the world of photography. I like my style, and while I know that it’s not for everyone, it is definitely for me. I have developed such a deep love for the documentary style, because it makes me feel things that I don’t with posed shots. Plus, I’ll be honest, I am no good at posing! I love these shots of my husband doing what he does, and not feeling pressure to smile, or look at the camera, or even pay attention to me! I’m so happy I took these few minutes with him.


Settings: ISO: 2000 50mm f/3.5 1/160sec
I use Lightroom for almost all of my editing, and I used my own presets on these photos.


Also, I want to thank Marie Masse for asking to feature me and my work. It really is such an honor.


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