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I’ll never forget when I first started my photography passion and was starstruck by thousands of artists throughout the industry. I first found inspiration from Pinterest. I read internet tutorials and practiced based off of what I read. It was sort of lonely and I ended up like a clone of what I was seeing. As I grew as an artist, I became more aware in that I could shoot intentionally from my own heart & vision. It wasn’t until later that I was introduced to various photography communities, like yours. I hope through these community features on our blog that photographers new and vested will find a place that speaks to their souls… and they are no longer alone in their vision. I hope that they will take time to develop their style and feel encouraged by being a part of a community. Thank you for allowing us to feature you!


To Submit:

Please copy/paste the Q’s below and fill ’em in with your A’s. Email the completed interview and photos to represent your community (3-7 photos at 800px wide) to If you use a photo from a reader submission, please make sure you have the photographer’s permission first and provide their link for credit!


Photography Community Interview

1. Name and description of your community.


2. What is the mission and philosophy behind your community (why was it started)?


3. What sparked the idea for your community?


4. How can photographers contribute or be featured in your community (weekly challenges on Facebook, spotlight features, etc.)?


5. Do you have a signature hashtag for people to use on Instagram for possible repost features?


6. For blog or magazine submissions, do you have special format requirements (800px wide, wm/no wm, dpi)? Do you have a link that describes these requirements (if so, please provide it here).


7. Do you have a blog and accept guest blog submissions?


8. Who are the Founders/Creators and/or Organizers of your community? Please tell us a brief description about the people behind your community & also provide their personal business links to their photography website/Facebook/Instagram/etc. Thumbnail photos would make this section even better for readers to relate to you, but this is optional.


9. Please provide all business links to your community: Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Website, etc.


10. Anything else you want our readers to know?



Why submit?

This is a place for your voice to represent what your community is about! But not only that, this will help boost your SEO ranking for your site to be seen. Fearless and Framed has only been here since November 2014 and just check out our growing audience numbers for the last 30 days!!


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