A Photographer’s Perspective: 30 Days of Gratitude

Each November we see people flooding our Facebook newsfeeds with their “What I’m Thankful For Today” status updates. Here are my 30 days of things to be thankful for as a Photographer. When I started this challenge, I thought it would be hard. As I rounded the corner to the upper 20’s, I had a hard time stopping at 30! It’s funny how we can find so much happiness and gratitude when we look for it.

I am releasing these daily over on my photography Facebook Page, but if you can keep a secret, you can see all 30 in advance right here on the Fearless and Framed photography blog. I hope that it inspires you to find what you are thankful for from this business. Use that gratitude to carry you through those nights you feel like watching tv instead of editing, you feel like closing your computer when you should be responding to a client, or when that camera feels like 1,000 pounds.

Enjoy! What are you thankful for from your photography business? Leave a comment.


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Author: MarieMasse
I help client documentary photographers fine-tune their workflow + marketing game, so their work is filled with sessions that represent their voice + client values while earning a living. I shoot undirected, off-beat stories that aren’t preserved often enough (like the story of couples before starting a fam or becoming empty-nesters – a dream project of mine), so my clients’ old box of photos is a meaningful, visual diary of their life + legacy to leave behind.

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