when the student becomes the teacher

When the Student Becomes the Teacher

When I look at this photo, I see a glimpse into my future. I also think of the dozens of times I’ve had to help my mom on her computer. This Iconic Photo submission is nothing short of proof that our path in life will mature over time yet history will shine in a new light: […]

documentary photo sessions

Fearless and Framed’s Double Dog Dare to Photographers

It’s time to think outside the box. It’s time to go beyond posed photo sessions, lifestyle photo sessions, and even every day photos. Take the double dog dare to photographers to make the list that will change your thinking in how you approach your next photo session. And if that doesn’t work, I have a […]

educational blogs for photographers

Must Read Blog Posts for Photographers

If you are craving more info on photography business pricing, shooting and technical tips, and some serious inspiration to challenge yourself, then keep reading! These are favorite blog posts for photographers around the net that you cannot not pass up! Know of a good one not on the list – email us at hello@fearlessandframed.com We will keep […]

photography mentoring

First Installment in Photography Mentoring

This is the place you can ask questions and get advice from a third year photographer and 8 year business entrepreneur. I am going to choose three questions per week to answer. This is going to get tough when more and more questions pour in and I must pick and choose. The great thing is that […]

photography business

6 Photography Business Fears and How to Overcome Them

There is a big difference in excuses and reasons. I’m not going to sugar coat it: people want to fulfill their dreams, but stir their own pot with reasons as to why they can’t thrive. The fact of the matter is, these reasons are excuses stemming from fear. There are only two reasons that you cannot have a thriving […]

professional wedding photography

When Photography Accidents Make Magic

This was hands down my most favorite wedding photo of the entire day! I would love to say that I can take credit for its greatness, but this was just one of those times when photography accidents make magic. How often do you set out to shoot your vision, but end up creating and loving something totally […]

documenting reality

Documenting Reality: Nightlife of a Parent

My husband, Dave, and I loved trying a new recipe, cooking with a glass of wine in hand, and have brownies for dessert while watching a new movie… or two… because we didn’t exactly need an awareness for bedtime. It’s been our thing, together, to relax after work or home on the weekends… until we […]

home decor photography

An Iconic Photo… to Me | Documentary Photographer

It was the most magical place. I used to have this recurring dream about walking through the back yard to a magical garden. In reality, it did feel magical as my cousin, sister, and I found ourselves lost in the caves of the pine trees that kissed the ground with their needles or the woods […]

shopping spree

Documentary of a Toddler on a Shopping Spree

Bribing and rewards go hand in hand when you have a potty training toddler. Celebrating the achievement of potty training is certainly shared by both parent and child. On this day, Kendall deserved a big reward. We had been promising to take her to pick out any toy she wanted from the store. I actually […]

windy photography session

Photo Session of our Daughter in my Wedding Dress

I’ve dreamed of putting Kendall in my wedding dress for years.I’ve dreamed of putting Kendall in my wedding dress for years. Through the years, I’ve seen dozens of photos of daughters in their mom’s wedding dress giving their best princess bride smile to the camera. This day was unplanned and totally spontaneous. At dawn, I […]

Proper Exposure – Purposely Under or Over-Exposing Your Photos

Do you rely on your in-camera light meter to toggle 0 (center) and tell you when your settings are going to produce a perfectly exposed photo? I used to. As my comfort level in shooting in manual mode grew, my ability to play with light when it’s uneven, extra bright, or seemingly not enough to make […]

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