Family photography

The Exclamation Point at the End of a Family

This post is all about that free-spirit, care-free, wild-child full of energy and life. When Danielle submitted this Iconic Photo, I just knew I MUST add it to the line up asap. Reading her words

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How to See Ordinary as Extraordinary Using Documentary Photography

You’ve heard me say it before and I’m saying it again: there is a photo opportunity in every moment of every day. The story within that moment may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but a story is there no less. It’s a matter of opening your mind to be aware of the story to tell […]

Iconic Photo

Before We Know It

It’s kind of like the start of a vacation. You have 5-10 days of fun right in front of you and everything to look forward to. Then the end of that vacation arrives and you find yourself thinking, “how did we get here?”

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Seeing My Childhood in Her Childhood

We used to spend days on end up at the family cabin in Baldwin, Michigan. My parents bought this quaint, little cabin in the middle of the woods on a lake when I was just a baby. It is not luxurious. It’s a simple mobile home trailer attached to a garage-turned-living room. This heaven to us […]

photo challenge

Finding Your True North – A 365 Day Photo Project

I can almost feel the eye rolls, “yea rights,” and click-away-from-this-post-quickly fingers even thinking about a 365 Day Photo Project. Just read it anyway 😉

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Holiday Home Decorating with Documentary Family Photography

One extraordinary experience as a child is transforming your home into a holiday paradise. If I’m honest, it still feels like magic today as an adult. The magic is peaked in our hearts when we see those twinkling lights or pull out an old ornament that makes us say, “Oh yeah, remember this thing?!” We have […]

Iconic photo

Iconic Photo Series: My Side

Perfect harmony. These are two words that come to mind when I look at this photo and read Heather’s story behind it.

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photography mentoring

Session Pricing, Traveling, and Client Visions

This week we had questions regarding session pricing, traveling with camera equipment, and how to get clients on board with your type of sessions. Are ya ready?

Asha Marie Photography

Love Photographed in the Morning

We all have small moments that touch our hearts in the day. Too often they go unrecognized. The beauty of being a photographer is that we consistently train our brains to see love + beauty all around us. This Iconic Blog Series submission from Ashley Manley sparked an image in my head of my own life […]

when the student becomes the teacher

When the Student Becomes the Teacher

When I look at this photo, I see a glimpse into my future. I also think of the dozens of times I’ve had to help my mom on her computer. This Iconic Photo submission is nothing short of proof

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documentary photo sessions

Fearless and Framed’s Double Dog Dare to Photographers

It’s time to think outside the box. Take the dare to photographers to that will change how you approach your next photo session and proven with a couple of 100 year old meaningless photos.

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educational blogs for photographers

Must Read Blog Posts for Photographers

If you are craving more info on photography business pricing, shooting and technical tips, and some serious inspiration to challenge yourself, then keep reading! These are favorite blog posts around the net that you cannot not pass up!

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