One Spontaneous Wedding Photo with a Lesson

Brittany Majka of BAMPHOTO is a strong, intentional shooter. What does this mean? She is observant. Her photos are taken with reason – maybe it’s striking light, maybe it’s emotion, whatever it is, the affect of the photo is always a heart-tugging feel.

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photography mentoring

Clients Think They Can Take Family Photos Themselves? Ha!

Last week, I had a Mentor Me Monday question land in my inbox that I could not wait to answer! Sarah says that she has been getting the client objection, “I love your work, but it’s just family photos. We could take those ourselves!” Her question:

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what is documentary photography

What is Documentary Photography for Clients (is it the same as lifestyle)?

Whether you’ve heard it from Fearless and Framed or through the grapevine, documentary style photography is becoming all the buzz. It gets confused with lifestyle photography and sounds kind of boring. Documentary photography yields some intense photos and also some that appear like ‘nothing special’ to many, but pack an emotion punch to some.

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photos with grandparents

Family Photos Today – No More Regrets

Jennifer Roberts of Aunt Spray Photography shared her full blog post with me and I was immediately jealous.

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get your photos featured

Documentary Photography Community Love List – Get Featured or Published

When I first started my photography journey, I felt a little lonely in the sense that I felt like I had to shoot one way, when my heart was tugging me another way. Since, I’ve found photography communities that I know and love to have been a big support and I know I can attribute part of who I am today as an artist to these communities.

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documentary photography

Thoughts on Making Pictures During Chaos at Home

Thrilled to share our first ever reader story! Kari Phelan so sweetly went out of her way to send in photos + a little note about how she’s been practicing documentary photography daily since reading some of our products. Seeing her photos made me feel so much pride and joy in F&F and what we’re doing […]

valentine's mini sessions

Valentine’s Mini Sessions for Documentary Photographers

If I were running Mini Sessions, which I’m not this year, I wouldn’t change who I am as a photographer to fit in with the crowd. When you think of a mini session, what do you envision? I see cute backdrops, cute outfits, and portraits. Nothing wrong with those! Except, it’s not how I shoot my other sessions. Mini sessions are a fabulous opportunity to get yourself into a new network. Sure, you are going to get those clients that just plain want a deal. But in my experience, you can find some diamond clients that turn into full sessions later. Let’s talk about how we can maintain our documentary style of shooting and avoid becoming lifestyle or posed.

how to book photo sessions

Booking Photo Sessions: 5 Tips to Filling Your Calendar

So you wanna start offering Documentary Style Sessions? Whether you are afraid of making the switch or you are having a hard time finding people that are interested, this post will shed some light on booking photo sessions in general.

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documentary style sessions

Introducing a New Kind of Photo Session to Clients – Documentary Style

It’s kind of like fashion, every season brings a new style. Sure, it may have been a new item that in reality is being circled back from 1982, but it’s new to the current generation none the less. One brave soul starts a hot trend and it’s picked up by the masses. I’ll admit, I’m no fashionista. This post is about what I’ve learned about introducing a new kind of photo session to clients.

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Featured Photographer

Documenting Details: Grandma’s Fridge

This is exactly the kind of photo that fits in the Iconic Blog Series. This photo is a tangible memory for Heather. This photo represents how photography can make an impact on our legacy, our story.

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The Photography Rule You May Have Broken

Ok, I’m glad that title caught your attention. There’s been a bit of a buzz in our documentary-style community about following the “technical, photography rules” of a documentary photographer that takes on clients… what’s allowed in shooting, what’s allowed in editing, and so on. It pisses me off. The focus is in the wrong place. What you should […]

photography happiness

5 Insider Secrets for Giving Yourself Shooting Freedom

Have you given yourself a reality check lately? At one point in my career, I felt like my business was running me instead of the other way around. I felt like my photos were beautiful, but nothing special. I wanted to take photos for clients in the way I documented my family life, but wasn’t. Give yourself a reality check

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