How to Launch a Service Online - Online Marketing

#021 – All About Launching with Business Strategist Kyla Roma

In the past 3 years of working with lifestyle + documentary family photographers, I’ve witnessed so much marketing strategy that’s the kitchen sink of marketing tasks: CONSTANT OUTPUT. Ever feel like you’re running a factory over there? When you’re balancing all the other things you’re doing in your business, these marketing “tasks” feel draining and […]

All the Awesome of August in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things (that we know of) happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community this month. Note from our Founder: Hiiii! Happy August! We’re dedicating this month to doodling in the background, as I call it. We’re in the thick of summer (here in […]

Beach Documentary Family Photography - Sisters

#020 – Staying Fueled Through Personal Projects with Stacey Ilyse

Did you know that I almost had a co-host? I did! I listened to my first few episodes in April 2017 and thought, ‘Man, I am BORING. I think I’d drown myself out.’ So, I wanted a co-host to breathe some life into my serious, all-business side and immediately Stacey Ilyse came to mind. Our […]

Using Photographs in Healing After Loss / Grief

#019 – A Story on Photographs + Healing After Sudden Loss with Brittni Schroeder

It was after 11 p.m., when I should’ve been sleeping, but instead I laid there, mindlessly scrolling Instagram as I was jolted into full focus on a stranger’s feed. I was so captivated and moved by her shares, that I got back up and wrote out about 20 questions for Brittni BEFORE even inviting her to […]

Photographing Family In-Home

That Clutter in Your Home? There’s a Story There

Friend, you can skip the cleaning before you pick up your camera. Confession: my house is almost always a mess. It’s not that I like it that way or that I don’t care about it. It comes down to three simple facts: I want my children to have access to lots of materials with which they […]

Online Criticism as Creative Entrepreneur / Photographer

#018 – Keep the Kind Words

I thought it would be fun to do a short + sweet episode on one little wisdom nugget that’s recently been helpful to me – that you’re gonna love – and go through some old “war stories” of mine. A few weeks ago, I had someone call my stuff “fluff.” My work. This is my […]

Pricing for Documentary Family Photographers

#017 – Pricing Documentary Family Photography with Ashleigh Raddatz

PRICING. Need I say more? This is the biggest pain point I see in our community. There’s so many questions from “how do I choose my model and price points?” to the mindset blocks, like, “I wouldn’t pay for this!” Ashleigh Raddatz, Co-Founder of Documentary Family Photography Worldwide, and I crossed paths earlier this year. She […]

#016 – Do Something GREAT with Your Phone Photos

We’re talking all about getting your phone photos OFF of your phone! I’ll share how I keep my phone Photos app (iPhone girl over here) at ZERO, which feels pretty magical in a day where we’re documenting e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g all the time. If you’re anything like me, you despise getting that notification: “Your storage is almost […]

All the Awesome of July in Documentary Family Photography

In the spirit of unity + community here’s a round-up of all the things (that we know of) happening in the Documentary Family Photography Community in July 2018. Note from our Founder: Hiiii! It’s always something.  I’ve started to feel like a broken record of excuses as to why I’m not as far as I’d […]

Documentary Sports Photographer

#015 – Learning from Life + Through Doing with Seshu

Today’s guest is Seshu, a photographer from Connecticut and also the Founder of Tiffinbox, which is a wonderful resource site for photographers. His site reminds me of, but for photographers. Have you heard of Stumble? You put in your interests, hit “Stumble,” and it serves up a random web page. I assure you, you […]

Oak Bay Flower Shop: Small Business Documentary Photography

This session with the Oak Bay Flower Shop was one of my first small business documentary sessions. The owner’s goal was to humanize their business and show that they’re not just another mass-market online florist, but a real local shop that cares about their customers and sources most of their flowers locally. I aimed to […]

Gender Reveal Photo Session Ideas with Documentary approach

A Baby Gender Reveal with a Documentary Approach

What do you do when rescheduling a planned outdoor session is simply not an option? First, you look for a covered location; I usually run to a college campus, or a catholic school (their architecture are usually nice for families or couples sessions). This time was different. I felt inspired and my client was into […]

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