Dementia photography

Iconic Photo Series: Dementia

This is a photo of my grandmother with my brand new baby boy. The photo doesn’t show that Dementia is slowly changing who my grandmother is to me, leaving me a little lost without the strong woman who, I knew, could do anything when I was a kid. I see that her face still lights […]

All the Awesome of December in Documentary Family Photography

Here’s a round-up of happenings around the Fearless and Framed Community this month. Note from our Founder: Hello friend! I’ll cut to the chase – this is a busy month for many of us. Have you thought about teaching a beginner level photography class? I’m a huge advocate for them, because: They’re a fruitful revenue […]

Ease Clients into Documentary Photography with Their Front Porch

I’ll never forget the day when we were handed the keys to our home. A tiny piece of metal that held so many milestones and future adventures. Responsibility and adulthood. That key signified contentment and commitment. It was probably one of the greatest acts of the love I had at that point, shared with my partner, […]

Living a Meaningful Life | Intentional Documentary Podcast

#036 – Making Time for a Meaningful Life with Alexandra Franzen

What does living a meaningful life mean to you? Are you living out the actions to honor your definition of a meaningful life? This can really be a struggle, because of, well, LIFE and its surprises + demands. Right?! Responsibilities. Bills. Should do’s. You might be wondering, what does living “a meaningful life” have to […]

Walkup Family Camping Adventures in the Colorado Mountains

One of my biggest fears in life is that my kids will never know how much I love them. They’re growing up faster than I know how to deal with and I don’t know how to stop time. I want to bottle up every single experience we have together, every lesson life gives us, every little bicker […]

The Washington Memorial by Paul Gero

#035 – The Day-to-Day Can Be a Visually Loaded Feast Too with Paul Gero

I met Paul Gero at a conference we both spoke at in early 2017. His talk was on reinventing yourself, which was really cool to listen to, because he’s had a vast variety of experiences being behind the lens. We recorded this in the spring and at the time, Paul was building his business around […]

Time Management for Documentary Family Photographers and Entrepreneurs

#034 – Zoom In, Zoom Out, Repeat.

I just wrapped up recording an audio response to my strategist, continuing our conversation, and I was thinking after about how much I love this pattern I do in both my biz and my life where I zoom in and zoom out constantly. What I mean: I zoom out to find clarity, to pulse check […]

All the Awesome of November in Documentary Family Photography

Here’s a round-up of happenings around the Fearless and Framed Community this month. Note from our Founder: Hello friend! I love November. How about you? For me, this month is when dreams turn into action plans – or at least, a single next step is decided. It’s the month for clarity and reflection. It’s when […]

Lawyer for Creative Entrepreneurs doing online business

#033 – How Hiring a Lawyer Expanded My Business with Shay Lawson

In episode 033, I talk with MY Intellectual Property Lawyer, Shay Lawson. Shay works between Atlanta and New York and she’s not just any lawyer. She GETS creatives + online entrepreneurship – we are her dream clients. She works with a several Singer Songwriters in the music industry too, which I think is really cool! Shay also […]

The Car Project: a Collective

Can you imagine the kind of raised-eyebrow, side-eye you’d give someone who told you they were going to climb a mountain in stilettos or bathe in baked beans? I got that thrown at me more than once when I mentioned I was taking part in The Car Project: a collaboration between two Aussies and a Kiwi […]

Personal Documentary Projects and Publishing

#032 – Documentary Projects + Confluence Magazine with Katie Jett Walls

You may remember Katie Jet Walls – she was our guest in episode 003 all about Documentary School Photography. Today, we’re talking about Documentary Projects. More specifically, projects that emulate something you might see in the news, but photographed + told by “one of us” family photographers who don’t have connections in the photojournalism world. Now, […]

how to organize family memories and stories

Take Your Love for Documenting Life to a Richer Level that Fuels Your Soul (+ Business!)

Seriously, fellow documentarian, is there anything better than opening your memory card to a photo you made that sets your soul on BLAZING fire, you love it SO freakin’ much? You can’t get it into LR or PS to polish it off + share fast enough. Oh, and, getting it in print? You may as well […]

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