Newborn Photography: The First Days

You might not look your best. You probably won’t feel at your best being exhausted. You area likely to think this is a terrible idea for a photo session. But I promise, when all is said and done, these photos will be ones that fill your heart gratitude, joy, and pride more than any other type of session.


Newborn Photography – The First Days

Today, most hospitals have a photographer on staff to come in and get some posed or lifestyle photos of baby and family. You can even bring in your own. I’m here to challenge all new parents to be open to the idea of hiring your photographer to document your first few days together.

This is the biggest adjustment of your life. It’s a baby! The first few days are a mix of emotions – you are stressed, because you’re beyond tired. You learn that this baby cries. This baby is demanding. This baby doesn’t understand patience yet. But the love and joy this little one brings is more powerful than all of that.

Our daughter, Kendall, was a Halloween night surprise. Her cord was around her neck 4 times. I just went into my doctor for a check up and ended up having her via c-section later that night. With Levi, he was a little more challenging. I developed placenta previa AND an acreta (you can read all about that HERE) and it caused me to have full surgery. You can say I was unprepared and a hot mess to say the least after both babies were born. Honestly, with both I bounced back well, but with Levi, I was in more pain following the surgery. I didn’t even get to meet him til about 10 hours after he was born. Visitors came and went. I was on adrenaline both times. Exhausted, but I didn’t want to sleep. I just wanted to stay awake – live, snuggle, and breathe my babies in. Skin to skin time was the absolute best.

Taking our babies home, both times, was the most unforgettable experience. Just the little memories I have like being terrified of how my cat was going to react brought out the motherly protection instinct in me that I had never felt and never knew could be so strong. There was the most amazing sense of calm when my babies would be sleeping on my chest and I could snuggle next to my hubby – we were a family now (talk about surreal!). I remember, as a new parent unknowing what else to do, walking Kendall through our apartment for a solid 90 minutes every night for what felt like F-O-R-E-V-E-R just to get that girl to sleep.

The point is, you will remember and cherish this time. Why not document it?

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Author: MarieMasse
I help client documentary photographers fine-tune their workflow + marketing game, so their work is filled with sessions that represent their voice + client values while earning a living. I shoot undirected, off-beat stories that aren’t preserved often enough (like the story of couples before starting a fam or becoming empty-nesters – a dream project of mine), so my clients’ old box of photos is a meaningful, visual diary of their life + legacy to leave behind.

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