“Nanny available, early July”

How does it feel to give birth and go back to work after 12 weeks leaving your new baby with the nanny?
How much trust and courage does it take?
How does it feel to raise kids who aren’t your own?
How much love and patience does it take?
And how does it feel when it’s time to say goodbye?

Ruth contacted me back in May to inquire about a Day In The Life session. To my surprise, she was looking to capture a day she was not a part of. Instead, she wanted me to come and spend time with her two boys, Zach and Theo, and their beloved nanny, Georgia.

This was the last month Georgia would spend with their family.

While I’m sure the pictures will talk for themselves — you’ll see what a special person Georgia is and the kind of relationships she built with the family, I want to share a part of a post Ruth published in a parents’ Facebook group (with her permission of course):

“Nanny available, early July.”

I always knew I’d find myself here and yet am still in complete shock that the time is now. A recommendation post for our beloved Georgia, as she looks for a new family to care for, beginning this summer.

Our full-time nanny for nearly 8 years, Georgia has loved my children fiercely and beared witness to their whole lives. To them, she’s their memory keeper and their biggest fan and her chest is still their favorite place to rest their heads, even though they are now 5 + 7.

She’s helped shape us as parents and instilled a confidence in the way I think of my own parenting and about what’s happening during the hours we’re not there. She’s travelled with us near and far, knows every member of our extended family and every friend we’ve ever had, lived with us during my second maternity leave, and was the first to change our younger son’s diaper in the hospital when he was born… a story she tells with pride when we walk down memory lane.”

Both Georgia and the family got the albums to cherish these precious memories forever. Such a thoughtful and meaningful goodbye gift!

Story contributed and photographed by Polina Bulman

Author: dreamaspenceco

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