Meet Marie

our fearless founder

It all started with a 365 project, a stockpile of photography props, and a honey-do list to build a DIY backdrop stand out of pvc piping… which was built and then flew out of the bed of my truck as I left my first and last newborn session.

This incident unknowingly freed me from becoming the photographer I didn’t want to be…. though at the time I didn’t even know what that meant.

The more photo sessions I took on, the more disconnected from my shooting voice I became. You see, I started my business after plentiful compliments over the photos I was taking in for my daughter’s 365 project (a photo a day for the first year of her life). I will admit, I started my business, because $100 to take someone’s family photos sounded pretty damn good at the time. The actual cost of doing business like this, was more than I ever imagined.

I frequently found myself in the parking lot of some scenic park, waiting for clients, almost in panic over how I should pose them. I’d browse Pinterest like a junkie to get inspiration for a pose… and once even created a sign inside of a frame that said, “this is our happily ever after.” During EVERY session, I’d find my mind would go blank at least once. Poses weren’t working. I hated it. I felt a constant, gross feeling like I was out of my element.

And then there were my personal photos. My family. The light, the composition, the context of the photos…. Everything was so spot on. My soul was in those images. I felt like, if I LOVE photography and being behind the camera, why couldn’t I achieve the strength of my personal photos in my client photos?

Over many, many little things and epiphanies from friends and within, I realized I needed to STOP posing clients. I wasn’t posing my family, so why am I going to the park and posing clients?

Was this even possible?

I learned YES. It’s not only possible, but incredible for both the photographer and the clients. Real memories were inside of these photographs. I felt like I was finally making an impact on lives rather than giving them another pretty picture.

It took me awhile to really understand how to structure an un-posed session and how to communicate effectively with clients. Believe me, there was lots of trial and error there. Now that I’ve found my fearlessness, my photo sessions have become:

  • A constant fuel for my creative soul – I finally really love doing photo sessions
  • Near effortless to get clients to relax and allow me to photograph them candidly
  • More meaningful to me and my clients – because the photos are of their memories-in-the-making

Years later, here I am this accidental documentary photographer and mentor, running this community for photographers.

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