THIS is how marketing doesn’t speak only to logic, but it hits ‘em in the heart. 

Marketing is about connection, not selling them on a session.

(pronounced Moss) and I love using the camera to preserve memories + help photographers connect with potential clients in a memorable way.

In my 11 years of helping others jumpstart their business, I learned the ones struggling most have their sights set on bookings, bookings, bookings.

So, here’s a little something to get you started!

{compliments of the Mastery Moment-Seekers Course from Fearless and Framed®}

You’ll work from the inside out. You’ll put business on a shelf and dive into what lights you up as a photographer first and foremost. Then, you’ll look at how to make marketing more like play mixed with accountability. Finally, you’ll give yourself a forecast to ramp up your business into the profits you want to achieve.

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Core Brand Stories - build community in a MEMORABLE way both online + off

Root Emotion Worksheet - understand / connect on what their pictures will be doing for their client on an emotional level (take your focus off pricing, pricing, pricing) 

Marketing Pie - how your marketing channels work together

Reach Out Plan - pure accountability to stay connected with your tribe 

Give Me a Raise! - Shows 3 core business model options + goal setting so they can stop feeling pressure to book at a high $$$ right away and see how they can incrementally increase their pricing with a goal to contact X amount of people for each goal