Oooohs and ahhhhhs happen when you share your photos, but it ends there. You’re working so hard to get more of your best clients, but your inbox is still slim.

And, it’s not your fault.

You’re meant to be behind the camera – doing what feels like YOU – not behind the computer doing tasks that feel foreign + unrewarding + like wasted time. Hint: I've got you.

A Marketing Makeover is for photographer-doers who want a reliable, long-lasting foundation of potential dream clients.

(and crave more control of their business than unpredictable word of mouth)

In simple terms: This isn’t a fast ticket to bookings. This is your next stops to creating an energizing business lifestyle: developing a pool of warm to hot client leads who “get” you, book with you, and tell all their friends about you.

Not generic marketing advice. YOUR marketing makeover, so when it’s time for your dreamies to book, they think of YOU first.


You’ll start to collect potential dream client leads in an organized system that takes them from “docu-what?” to “omg this is amazing!”

Your post engagement, website traffic, and email list numbers will rise (that’s my guarantee or your money-back)

Potential + past clients will feel like they’re getting a world-class experience with you (while you’re doing what you love – not even at the computer)

Your ebook, workshop, or mentoring will be its own separate machine (if you have one)

You’ll feel fired up in a whole new creative outlet you haven’t experienced yet!

Better than taking a generic course, I’ll deep-dive to learn all about you, your photos, your business, your competitors, and your goals. I’ll identify what’s really going on in your online presence + marketing and come up with a game plan sprinkled with a little

I’ll create your keepsake video review and an action plan checklist for you to implement. This part goes beyond telling you the what and includes the why + the how, so you can make better marketing decisions moving forward.

After you listen in, we’ll hop on a call together to talk it out + I’ll answer all your burning questions. You’ll be so fired up about what’s next that “work” will feel like total PLAY and you’ll be more productive than ever.

I’m Marie Masse (pronounced Moss). For 11 years, I’ve worked to build communities in my own heart-FULL businesses, online and off.

Since 2014, I’ve centered my focus around documentary family photography, helping photographers identify and use their voice + stories to forge deeper relationships in their community. It’s not about selling pictures, it’s about what those pictures do.

My involvement in the photography industry paired with my background in relationship-based marketing means that I’m your girl to get to the heart of your photos and use THAT to attract more of your best clients.

Others who have experienced

Marie, you’ve been the only one able to get me to tap into this stuff and slowly start to be ok with sharing it more as a way to connect with people. Thank you! <3 I’ll keep working at it!

Marie, you’re the effin' bomb! I’ve gotten more engagement in the last hour on that story than I have on virtually any other.

I thought I knew my why. Turns out, I didn’t. Now, I do.

Wow. Mind blown. Thank you, Marie.

Not generic marketing advice. YOUR marketing makeover, so when it’s time for your dreamies to book, they think of YOU first.

What’s included:

Kick-off Questionnaire (so I get to know you through your words)

Total evaluation of your online presence (website, social platforms, email, etc.)

Keepsake Video Review to show you what's going on / how you can make it better

Sprinkling of "Say it Better" mini makeovers (including new copy for you to keep / use)

Action Plan Checklist so you know exactly what to do next

30 minute Q&A with Marie to answer any Q's that arise around the Video Review

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