Marketing Feedback Submissions

From corner to corner of your content (your photos, key pages on your website, social posts, client guide, emails, etc.), there is a marketing message being sent. Your marketing messaging is a line of communication. Either your dream clients will pick up on your message or they’ll keep on truckin’. So how you do create a cohesive message that’s crystal clear and magnetic to your dream clients?

That’s where I can help.

Your marketing message has a few roles:

  1. To represent YOUR unique voice as a photographer and service provider. A clear marketing message will help bring in more of your best clients.
  2. To turn total strangers (the randoms that land on your social profiles or website) into raving fans that may eventually want to work with you as a client or student. Great marketing will pull these people into your network based on THEIR values… so they’ll stick around an be engaged in your community. (Community? I mean your readers and avid photo fans!)
  3. To clearly speak to the needs of your potential clients – even the needs they aren’t aware of yet – and show them in a no-brainer way that your session, your class, your workshop, etc. is a must-have.
  4. To repel all the folks that are totally not your client or student.

Do you see how beneficial having an emotional, on-point marketing message can be?

In the month of January, I’m going to do some video reviews of YOUR marketing material. Want in?

It’s easy and I’m honestly excited to do this!

Here’s how to participate: Simply submit your item(s) to the form below.

This is what is eligible for submission:

  • A few, specific pages inside your client guide
  • A page on your website (your About page, home page, investment page, etc.)
  • A recent email or email series
  • Your welcome email for new subscribers
  • The opt-in area of your website (the place that turns random visitors into subscribers)
  • Your social posts (up to 5)
  • Your latest campaign for a promo or a sale
  • A recent blog post you’ve written with your dream clients in mind Photos for MARKETING (to dissect the message your potential clients may see)
  • Website user experience (this is for the flow of your site), not a page by page review)

What is NOT eligible for review:

  • Pricing/Packages (this is not a business review, it’s a marketing message review)
  • Photo for critiquing (this is not a story or technical photo critique, marketing stuff only this time)

You may submit up to 3 pieces using the form below.


How & when do these reviews happen?

I will look through the submissions for things I feel will BEST serve as a learning experience for the Goodbye, Posing Guide Group community. So keep in mind what you submit will be recorded and talked about (lovingly) in a public atmosphere.

If an item you’ve submitted is chosen for review, you’ll receive an email so you know when to watch for the video review to land inside the Goodbye, Posing Guide group. Should you have any questions that arise out of the review, you are more than welcome to ask and I’ll respond.

By submitting your work below, you agree to allow these items to be shared and critiqued publicly in our Facebook Group and as an example for our Mastery Moment-Seekers students.

Here’s to a strong marketing message for 2017!! ❤


Marketing Feedback Submission

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