Fearless and Framed Magazine

What will the overall feel of this magazine be about?

Ever see the movie 13 Going on 30?

SPOILER ALERT!! (skip to the next section if you’ve never seen this movie).

Ok, so you know how Jennifer Garner re-vamps the fashion magazine for her company into a magazine about real life stories of family and community? The Fearless and Framed Magazine will be your golden ticket into seeing a wide variety of real stories as photo sessions from photographers around the globe. At the core, it’s our mission to infuse more humanity, culture, possibility, wonder, and even familiarity into each and every issue. We will focus on spotlighting the joy in life and sometimes bring light to the hard stuff that can the glue in family and community.

This magazine will be your proof, your inspiration, and even your inside intel on running documentary-style photo sessions as your business. My goal, as Editor, will be to include a wide range of subjects, not only families as we see so much of already in our community. I also promise not to stuff the magazine with 25% advertisements from vendors. I want this to be your Neverland into the possibilities in where you can drive your photography business whether it is in taking on clients or fulfilling a personal passion.


How can I contribute?

Some have been filled for our first issue, but we are looking for future (and still in need of some) categories to be fulfilled. Highlights of sections available are below. Get our full magazine submission category list + requirements + tips on getting featured to have on hand… GRAB IT HERE.

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  • Your business transition stories into documentary-style shooting and clients
  • Fashion features – not what you think 😉
  • One family session, one love session, one life session (1-2 of each per issue)
  • Teaching articles – knowledge-based to inspire your documentary-style peers
  • Q&A Section Responders
  • Diary of a Documentarian articles based on your life stories that have shaped your voice as a photographer
  • Work-Life articles about your life as a photographer
  • Special interest projects or communities of photographers focusing on documentary-style work
  • Image collective of photos that tell a story in a singular photo



What is the deadline to submit? What do you need from me?

For our first issue, the deadline for submissions is August 31st, 2015. While we are in the design process, the length of articles isn’t set in stone. We are asking contributors to provide articles roughly 1,000 words and no more than 30 images if you are submitting a full session. We will need your business links too.


What are the benefits of being featured in a magazine?

#1 by far is self-fulfillment. I’ve been in both shoes – submitted articles and have been featured and also submitted articles only to never hear back. Either way, the feeling of being so completely proud of your work enough to submit your images and stories is rewarding. All contributors will receive their issue complimentary and be linked to in our blog post about each issue (with my goal being to send some wonderful web traffic your way).


How do I submit?

Submission form open to submissions coming soon for upload and will be linked to on this page. In the meantime, get your submissions ready! Don’t forget to grab the full submission opportunity list + feature tips here.

Important note: WE cannot respond to each submission due to the volume. If you’re selected, you will hear from us within 2 weeks of submission.