Letting a Child Lead Your Next Photo Session Idea

Guest post writing and images from photographer, Jana Wiehahn. 

Jana is based out of South Africa and you can follow her here: 



Our family was into cooking (okay, my Mom) since I was a little child. I remember going to the library as a pre-schooler, selecting cooking books for kids, and nagging my Mom to cook something with me (which she often did). Those are still some of my fondest memories. Maybe that is why when I noticed my little boy, George’s (now 5) interest in cooking when he was about 3, I totally supported him, and more importantly, recently decided to document it for him to remember one day… He is not into sports so much, though he is most certainly a little boy up to no good most of the time, but when he is cooking his face lights up and he is no trouble at all.

Today I am not much of a foodie, but I do manage to cook a different meal most evenings for my family – thanks to the skills that my Mom taught me growing up. I wish I had some photographs of our time together in the kitchen.

This series of photos is about George deciding (not asking – there was no negotiation) that he would make a salad for our Father’s day lunch. I did not complain, just grabbed my camera and started clicking. He found the recipe, ingredients, utensils etc and did the whole thing himself.

Tip: When documenting special moments and events I am drawn to meaningful moments and interesting facial expressions, but I do try to consciously think of different rules of composition like leading lines, rule of thirds, colour, and even capturing movement to make the series of images more compelling.

I live in Centurion, Gauteng province, South Africa with my hubby and best friend and our two little ones.


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