Older Kids, Electronics and Great Family Photos

Documentary family photo work with parents and little ones come in abundance to be published on Fearless and Framed®. I’m not sure why the demand for family photos seems to wane as the kids get older. Just as important as celebrating the firsts we have with our babies and children, the years in the middle + when they are closer to starting their own lives is incredibly special too.

When I saw this work from Khalilah Hall, I knew it had to be shared!

Khalilah is one of the wildly talented photographers I know. She takes her heart + soul into her work, makes personal connections with her clients, and makes photos of both the big picture and the details everyone else in the room likely overlooks. I highly recommend following her on social media!

Here’s what Khalilah had to say about this story:

The Ward family is one of the funniest families I know. They’re very close and spend lots of time together. When the photo session idea came up, I was:

  1. excited to be able to make these memories for them.
  2. scared, because I typically photograph younger children.

Mom told me that they were pretty relaxed and chilled. Having two boys myself who are crazy and highly energetic, I was curious to see the difference in our homes.

When I arrived, there was music on and daughter K was dancing away to Katy Perry. Mom and Dad were preparing breakfast together and brother J was chilling on his phone, in his favorite spot on the floor where the power source was.

I started to worry that I wouldn’t capture much.

They were so calm.

As I looked around and began to be present, I realized that there were many moments.

Not all moments are loud. Every family is different and I have to adjust.

My takeaway from this experience was to be present. It’s not about me. If I’m focused on the family and have done the research, I’ll be able to get the images that matter to them. That’s really the goal anyway, right?


























Story + photography contributed by Khalilah Hall. 

About Khalilah Hall:
Khalilah is a documentary family photographer, specializing in families with young children. Khalilah’s work is filled with emotion and connection. Typically creating black and white images that focus on the moment. Having been in business for nearly a year, she has created a fun and emotional experience for her clients. Helping them see the importance of capturing these fleeting moments.

Khalilah is currently based in Hawaii, but is relocating to Maryland in July, 2016 where she’ll be ready to take on new clients.

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Author: Eboni Rivera
Fearless and Framed's Course and Community Ambassador + Self proclaimed "Memory Giver". Eboni is a Family Documentary Photographer and Film Artist at Luxe Art Images, LLC located in Long Island, NY. She provides emotive, heart-tugging, feel good photography and films for families who give a damn about the preservation of their memories. Her approach to photography allows families to leave behind a legacy of who they are, how much they love and just how awesome their lives truly are.

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