Documenting the stories you love is pure joy. Same here! 

But if you're honest, lately, does it feel more like this: 

You go from the euphoric state of connection with a meaningful story that LIGHTS YOU THE EFF UP to immediately criticizing how well you recorded it... 

"does this elicit emotion? tell a story? is this relatable? i love this & wanna share it, but is this documentary enough to post in this group? am i ever gonna nail a complex composition?! UGH, this could've been better!"

Yeah? You're not alone (not even close!). My inbox has been overflowing with people dreaming of a safe space for the heart of documenting again: SEEING THE STORIES.

A space that cultivates the depth in how you see & how you use documenting, not how you shoot.

That space is being built right now.


Founder of Fearless and Framed®, host of the Intentional Documentary® podcast, and your guide on this adventure! 

Documenting (which goes beyond photography) is a potent medicine for change, loss, daily struggles, limiting beliefs, and more. It's a vehicle to richer connection + nourishment.  

I recently closed my group of 7,500+ photographers, because the "get better, do more, follow these rules, how do I convince clients" noise overpowered the spirit of documenting. 

Someone NOT having their face buried in a device or obsessed with the to-do's for tomorrow who slows down long enough to connect with something they value is a BIG FREAKIN' DEAL worth celebrating.

This community will honor the magic not measured by "how well" we record. Sound good? Great!

If you're tired of the noise, the opinions, and seeing life through a lens of "relatable" stories, then you'll love this space. This is not your average photography Facebook group — just wait & see!