How to Apply to the Strong Storytelling Photography Group

Hey there, Documentarian!

So you’re thinking about applying for the Strong Storytelling Photography Facebook group? Before I jump into the how, let’s talk about the WHY behind the group’s purpose + why you may want to get involved. Here’s an 8 min video:

If you watched that bobblehead video in full, I’m impressed!

If not, this is what I talked about in a nutshell…

My big vision for Fearless and Framed is to be the brand that not only helps photographers achieve a documentary approach to their imagery and businesses, but a place that celebrates and honors real life with folks we recognize. This means: sharing stories about parents, families, couples, individuals, small business owners, people in our neighborhoods, people who travel and adventure… genuine stories about people and relationships.

I want to encourage photographers to photograph freely, not by the rules they create in their mind. And finally, to be the place of influence and encouragement to create the happy {photography} life for themselves – whatever that means to each person (hence why my crazy self just talked my husband into buying an Airstream and making our dreams a reality).


Strong Storytelling Photography Group 900

The purpose of Strong Storytelling Photography is to be a place of curated excellence which:

  • for documentary-hearted photographers to potentially join in the conversation and help within the community (both paid and unpaid opportunities here
  • {selfishly} is an easy place I can turn to for upcoming Fearless and Framed features and writing opportunities

I intend to keep this a small, intimate group of photographers who primarily shoot with a documentary (un-directed, un-posed) approach.

Some of the member perks include: 

  • being in the first place I turn to for upcoming feature and product testing opportunities
  • connecting with other strong, storytelling photographers – gaining consistent, excellent inspiration from your peers
  • potentially earning paid blogging gigs with Fearless and Framed
  • potentially getting paid to be one of our story-seekers aka nominating stories of other photographers that make their way to our blog
  • should you be featured, which chances are pretty darn good if you’re in this group, you will get in front of our audience of documentary-hearted photographers. If you are looking to feel recognized for your dedication to your craft or are building a product for photographers (think workshop, ebook, mentoring), this is an incredible opportunity. We currently have nearly 30k blog views per month, a rapidly growing email list, and a combined total of over 15,000 people following our social accounts.
  • potentially being eligible to sell YOUR product using our site, audience, and host (your class, your ebook, etc.) – which let me tell you, from one educator to another, is so nice to be able to let someone manage the availability while you just rock your product & get paid.


When applying, this is what we’re looking for:

Documentary skill – photographers who shoot primarily with a documentary (clearly un-posed, un-directed) approach

Technical excellence – proper exposure, clear intention with under or over-exposed images, spot-on white balance, focusing

Light masters – photographers who use light to enhance their stories

Composition – photographers who can intuitively feel the balance in their frame when clicking the shutter

Processing – photographers who use their processing to polish their imagery, but do not let processing become the spotlight of the story

Story & moment preservation – photographers who tell a story from start to finish in a series of images and/or can recognize when a single moment can tell a story in just one frame

Writing ability – because we’re looking for those who can (if they want) fulfill a writing position with Fearless and Framed, we want to see photographers who can write an an easy-to-follow and/or conversational flow to their writing

If this is you, you are invited to apply!


How to apply to Strong Storytelling Photography:

There are two steps:

First, share 3 photo stories in the Goodbye, Posing Guide Facebook Group. You do not need to share all of the images here, but instead share a link to the blog post of the story. Choose photo sessions or personal projects you believe best represent real-life stories.

Then, you’ll need to let us know you’ve posted your 3 photo stories (we’ll search in the group to check them out). To notify us that you’ve shared your 3 stories, email hello [at] with subject: STRONG STORYTELLING PHOTOGRAPHY


  • Your name (so we can search for you in the GPG group and see your 3 stories)
  • Tell us who you primarily photograph
  • Tell us why you want to join the group
  • Tell us who you feel you can help best in the photography community
  • Share a post or two of your favorite writings, even if it’s not about photography. Or, if you’ve guest blogged on photography sites in the past, please share a link to this too.
  • Your website link

After submitting, you will receive a response from us within 14 days. If you’re approved, awesome! If not, do not get too discouraged. We aren’t looking for technically sound, capable photographers. We are weighing most on the context of the images that help meet our vision of being the brand of real-life photography and potential candidates to partner with us in educating the community.