Hand-Crafted Content Strategist

Are you someone that is highly motivated? Have a super positive, friendly attitude? Organized? Are you kind of obsessed with documentary-style photography? Do you like to make things look pretty and cohesive with a brand?

If so, keep reading.

I’m looking for a Hand-Crafted Content Strategist to be the lead person in charge of the Fearless and Framed blog content.

I don’t need you to write every single blog post, but you do need to have experience with writing in a connective, welcoming way. I do need you to have an understanding documentary-style photography and maintain the blog to represent Founder, Marie’s, specific vision for this blog and community. If you have never heard of a documentary-style session, this is not the position for you. If you’ve never blogged or don’t enjoy writing, this is not the position for you. If you are not great at keeping organized or communicating, this is not the position for you.

I need you to help Fearless and Framed maintain our strong voice within the documentary community as well as cultivate the feeling of community by connecting with other photographers + aligning vendors to find stories, features, and blog-worthy content.

This position requires excellent intuition on who would be a great candidate for a blog feature to represent our brand so you can help us fill our blog with content that inspires and teaches photographers about documentary-style photography. But if you’re the person I’m looking for, you love joining in and even leading the conversation with your own writing from time to time.


“So what exactly will I be doing?” Here’s all the details:

  • The Hand-Crafted Content Strategist (HCCS) will truly be the center of our voice from our brand to our target audience.
  • The HCCS will ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search + user experience for all channels of content (right now this is in terms of blogging, but potentially can lead to the chief content position for all channels including social media, email, products, video, and in-person via workshops we attend or create) This is to be done for each of our target audience personas.
  • The HCCS will research and/or follow Marie’s leads on where to find writers or submissions for our blog that very cohesively match our brand’s look and message.
  • Continuous evolvement in strategy is a must (this means really paying attention to the reaction of our posts and listening to our audience)
  • The HCCS will plan topics for our blog, get final approval for Marie, and help fill the blog with those topics – with the option to write from time to time (remember our blog is a community)
  • The HCCS will act as a project manager of the blog. You will invite guests to blog on F&F, schedule the posts, follow up when the writers haven’t met their deadlines.
  • The HCCS will take the blog submissions, input them into our WordPress site, and make them look beautiful for our website and readers
  • The HCCS will read and be sure the posts make sense for our audience and are free of spelling or grammatical errors
  • The HCCS will need to create graphics on his/her own or using our blog templates inside of Photoshop for images to be used as Featured Images in WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, & Instagram
  • The HCCS will schedule the blog post to publish within WordPress and our social media platforms
  • The HCCS will keep Marie updated in what is scheduled, what is planned, and what’s being held up to get blogged both in quick weekly meetings + a virtual editorial calendar
  • Occasionally, the HCCS will take charge in rallying our audience into collective blog posts (such as our audience filled blog post on documenting adult men)
  • The HCCS will help recognize and track which posts are are biggest content assets
  • Eventually, my goal is for the HCCS to be the head of developing standards, systems, an efficient workflow for content creation + development, distribution, as well as content revival and repurposing.
  • The HCCS will be the head of contact for blog submissions, giving you a pretty amazing way to build relationships with other photographers & vendors alike. This requires an exceptional amount of courtesy & care.
  • The HCCS will monitor where Fearless and Framed could potentially guest blog + develop topics to submit we write about

Things You’ve Done in the Past

  • Worked in a fast-paced environment
  • Published a blog (on your own blog or somewhere else)
  • Worked in Wordpress and Photoshop (for blog title templates)
  • Has some graphic design background so that our brand looks top notch (we use a lot of templates, but the faces and alignment need to be spot on)
  • Networked with other documentary-style photographers or in-the-know about the industry & specifically this genre

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You have too much going on growing your own business and this position becomes less of a priority due to lack of focus and dedication
  • You don’t like communicating with people online or via online conferencing
  • Those unwilling to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • You’ve never had any experience in writing for blogs that perform for both a target audience + for a blog that acts as a business
  • You don’t enjoy photography, much less documentary photography
  • You’re not very organized

The person that fulfills this role is someone who:

  • loves to be social with other photographers
  • loves stories and strong documentary photography
  • loves to be organized
  • knows how to get things done without their hand held
  • works well with deadlines with a “get it done” attitude
  • is a high communicator
  • is resourceful
  • is technology savvy and can learn technology fairly quickly, if and when needed
  • can build rapport quickly with members in our audience & network
  • who adapts well to changes on the fly, without complaint
  • believes in the Fearless & Framed brand and what it does for other photographers

Why Should I Be Interested in This Job?

  • Be a part of a business that doesn’t just preserve memories through photos, but we teach others the how and the why so a mass amount of people can reap the rewards
  • Be a key role in helping Fearless and Framed’s brand make a strong, positive impact on photographers both in business & in confidence
  • Work with awesome people that are have a driven, positive attitude that is unavoidably contagious.
  • Get paid to do something you already find fun & enjoyable (being social & helping others)
  • Marie is a badass boss to have 😉 The ability to work on your own schedule is pretty awesome.

Why is this job so important?

  • Someone to take charge of our blog will allow Marie to be stronger in her role of being a photographer, developing products, & running workshops
  • Blogging not only provides an immense amount of value for our audience, but it is how we maintain web traffic which helps our business be a success
  • We have a lot going on at any given time and we need someone who can really own this role and wear it with pride
  • Brand quality & being the go-to resource for anything and everything about running documentary sessions with clients is part of our identity plan for the longterm growth of this company

Ready to Board the Dream Team? Tell me about you.