Goodbye, Posing Guide: Facebook Group Rules

Welcome to the FREE Facebook community for documentary, storytelling photographers!

This group began in 2014 for Fearless and Framed customers. We soon expanded as one of the first communities available for photographers moving from a portrait business to a documentary business.In the group, we’ve got some of the most positive, talented photographers in here & I’m thrilled YOU have joined us!


Our group conversation is focused on two main topics, specifically for documentary photographers:

  1. Full Story Shooting Development: helping photographers develop skills to rock FULL story sessions for clients.

This means: Instead of nailing a few great images in a gallery, we strive to use most images in our sessions to build upon the story (and they make killer album pages!). Each image brings its own meaning to the gallery – nostalgia, memory, emotion, sensory.

  1. Business & Marketing: helping photographers develop businesses founded on a documentary, storytelling approach.

Specifically, for documentary photographers taking on families, couples, small business sessions, weddings, or whatever amazing stories you choose to photograph, we are a community actively working towards attaining our business dreams.

Sound good? Great!

We are dedicated to maintain the FREE supportive environment we’ve created, so these guidelines are super important.

And, we stick to the rules, so please do the same.

Suggestions on rules are welcomed. If you have a suggestion, email: with subject: GPG


Facebook Group for Documentary Photographers

One more exciting thing before breaking down the rules:

If you are an established, elite documentary shooter or film artist, we have a sister group for you.

You see, we’ve noticed with GPG growing and filling with awesome, ambitious photographers early in their journey… the seasoned photographers needed to connect with photographers in similar stages of their journey. In an effort to encourage leadership within our community, we’ve decided to expand.

Why participate in yet another group?

First off, if you’re a seasoned shooter, you know how amazing it is to feel consistently inspired and supported by people who are closer or beyond your journey.

Introducing: Strong Storytelling Photography

Being in this group will not alleviate the need to be in the Goodbye, Posing Guide group. The main purpose of Strong Storytelling Photography will be to curate the best of the best when it comes to Storytelling, Documentary Photography. GPG will still be the go-to hangout for conversation.

Additionally, I’ll look first to the Strong Storytelling Photography group members for blog features, Library contributions (this will be publicly announced later in 2016 – huge opportunity if you run workshops or mentorships), and even paid opportunities to help within the F&F community as well as product testing opportunities for F&F…. all while giving yourself exposure into a quickly growing audience of photographers in this specific genre.

Pretty cool, right?

We encourage everyone in GPG to practice your heart out, dedicate some time to grow your craft, and then apply to Strong Storytelling Photography… and YES, this group is free to join. Right now, we are developing this group over the next couple of weeks in beta. We’ll be approving more members upon current beta member feedback in mid-September, however you can start applying now. If you want to join us, click here to learn how to apply.


Let’s get back to the official GPG rules:

People to know:

  • Marie Masse – admin & creator of Fearless and Framed and the GPG group
  • Eboni Rivera – admin & Community Ambassador for F&F
  • Angie Scheribel – master of behind-the-scenes-everything at F&F

By being a part of this community, you are agreeing to our Group Rules below, Terms of Use, & Privacy Policy.

  1. Share your Full Story Sessions or Strong Documentary Imagery from ALL seasons in life.

(As much as we love them, this means not only life with littles will be celebrated here). It’s not about an epic documentary image, it’s about the stories… the memories-in-the-making.

This means, share in a few sentences + photo(s) the stories you’ve preserved with your camera… and we’d love to know why the story is important to your clients or you.

This group primarily wants to see your client work – the day in the life of a family, documentary projects, documenting adventures/travels, documenting someone’s lifestyle, the story of an engaged or newlywed or expecting couple, stories of small businesses, stories of Mrs. Smith in the flower shop she’s ran for 37 years, stories of topics like love, loss, thoughts, & more.

We’re a bunch of photographer-dreamers of savoring + preserving memories for a living, so keep this audience in mind!

If you’re wondering, “May I post personal work?”

YES! We want to see stories of your life & special people too. Please do not stuff the feed with cute pictures of your kids… there’s many groups for that!

Thursdays we post a thread for you to share a personal fave of the week – that’s the time and place for that!

To share a full story session, post an image with a link to your blog or gallery to view the rest. Do not create an album.


  1. Do not post Lifestyle or Portrait work.

This means, if most of your imagery was a result of directing your clients in any way, this is not the place. The photos and stories you share must be organic, without any influence from you. This is how we maintain our group philosophy in moving towards a more documentary approach.

*Note: We encourage and believe in photographers using their voice. We do not believe Lifestyle or Portrait work or intervention with clients during a session is in any way a negative thing. However, due to this being a DOCUMENTARY photography group, let’s keep on topic, shall we?

Exception: If your session was primarily documentary, but you have a few portraits in the mix or found yourself in a situation where you needed to help clients slightly. This would also make for an excellent backstory so you can help the others in the group. This area is a bit grey, so use your judgment here.


  1. No debates on what Lifestyle vs. Documentary Photography is.

These conversations almost never end nicely. With that said, always be kind and respect one another’s perspectives. We are a positive, supportive group & it’s my mission to maintain this atmosphere! To understand what Fearless and Framed considers as documentary photography, read this blog post (remember, what we say isn’t gospel… however it is our brand position):

If we remove a post of yours, because it doesn’t fit into our criteria, it is what it is so that we can protect the philosophy and mission of our group.


  1. No self promotion.

This means, you may not post links to:

  • Your social media platforms or website.
  • Your Facebook group.
  • Your products, workshops, or mentorship opportunities.
  • Create a thread to advertise anything.
  • Create a thread asking members to submit guest posts, features, etc to your site.
  • Post affiliate links, that’s just wrong.
  • No answering questions with, “I can help! Send me a PM” or “I can help! I sent you a PM so check your Other folder.” This kind of response is self-serving and dis-respectful. They asked their question publicly, so answer publicly for the benefit of the group as a whole.
  • This also means do not solicit people in this group to PM you for more info on X. (If this happens to you, email us at and we will remove the person)

Exception: We encourage you to share your recent blog posts of SESSIONS.

We do not allow vendors to post links to their sites for any reason. If you are a photography vendor (you sell products and write blog posts to help photographers), you must get admin approval first or purchase a media pass. Email for our media kit.

If someone asks for help via a new thread, and you happen to have a blog post or piece of content that perfectly answers their question, you may share a link to it in the comments of that thread only. Again, vendors are NOT permitted to do this. Any vendors that troll the group looking for opportunities to gain traffic will be removed and banned. We monitor and watch for people that work together to ask questions so the other can answer with self promotion. If we notice this, we remove both members.

If you’re wondering, “May I post a link to my website/social media so that I can get feedback on something?”

YES! Please make sure you ask for specific feedback in our Wednesday thread. We are moving towards creating topic-based albums and documents within the group, so your cooperation in sticking in the thread of the day for this will only help everyone! 🙂


  1. No promoting brands, sales, products, mentorships, workshops, or other Facebook Groups – yours or anyone else’s.

This FREE group was established for Fearless and Framed fans. Promoting other products just isn’t cool…. even if they are offering a super-duper sale, this is not the place to share.

Exception: If someone asks a question and you’ve taken a course/used a product that was helpful to you, you may answer the question with that resource in that thread only. We do monitor and watch for people that work together to ask questions so the other can answer with promotion. If we notice this, we remove both members.

We may break our own rule here when we promote upcoming community events or services I believe are of value to this group, including on behalf of approved vendors. We reserve this right as it is our group & community.

Marie Masse Facebook Group


  1. Utilize our Thread of the Day posts.

Pop in daily to join in the wildly helpful & fun topics! Additionally, before posting outside of the prompts, try finding the answer to your question via the Search bar. This can streamline our feeds into pure, fresh goodness by trying to avoid repetitive questions.

Monday – Motivation Monday: Marie pops in with a piece of motivation. Declare what are you working on to grow your shooting or business this week.

Tuesday – Tell-All Tuesday: Juicy Shooting + Business Questions & Conversation

Wednesday – What’s Up Wednesday?: Share your wins, ask about topics you need help on, ask for specific feedback on images, sessions, etc.

Thursday – Show It Off Thursday: Share a documentary image, story, or project you’ve been working on (images and/or blog links)

Friday – Fearless Friday: Take time for personal assessment & share with the group. We’ll focus on these 3 questions: What worked this week? What did you learn? What will you do next week? Making this a habit is essential to heighten your progress.

Saturday – Savor the Story Saturday: What stories are you wanting or working to preserve? What stories are you thankful to have preserved already?

Sunday – Storyteller Mission of the Month: Every first Sunday of the month we’ll post a theme. Share photo stories in the feed throughout the month. Picking your strongest image from the story would be a perfect submission to the Honestly Documented challenge on the Fearless & Framed Facebook Page (which is a chance to win $100 to the F&F store for ebooks, questionnaires, business tools & more.)

And because who can remember all this?! We have a cheat sheet for you to glance at throughout the week, which also includes a Member’s Only Coupon to the F&F store! Click the image here:


  1. Be Kind and Helpful.

For each question you ask, try to answer a few. We know you’re busy, everyone is, but taking a few minutes out of your day to help someone else will keep the group the thriving place it has been!

While we have moderators in the group, we may not catch e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. If you see a post that shouldn’t be in this group, use the Report to Admin feature when you hover over the post.


  1. Don’t PM or Tag Marie for personalized help.

I (Marie) am only one person. I also manages several other Facebook Groups, primarily for Mastery Moment-Seekers students, where I show up to support my students on a regular basis. If you need to reach us or have group suggestions, please email


9. We have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and copyright.

If you notice another group member is seriously copying other members, please notify us at immediately. Provide screenshots. If we believe this person truly is copying work or stealing work of other members of our group, we will remove them immediately. If you are the person doing the stealing, we will notify your web host of the copyright infringement and legal action may be taken between businesses involved. We will do our best to keep this a safe environment for all members as a place to collaborate and grow our photography + businesses.


Ok, enough with the boring rules. Let’s have some fun!

*Group rules are subject to change at anytime, so check back regularly. We reserve the right to update the rules at any time, without notice.


I’m so impressed you’ve read this til the end – I know you’re busy – so before we let you go, here are a few party favors:

5 Ways to Increase Client Demand (little guide to get started with marketing)

How to Get Clients to ‘Act’ Natural (mini-training on client communication + shooting)

Top 40 Blog Posts from Fearless and Framed (pdf bookmarked list of our best gems – coming soon)


How to Get the Most Out of This Facebook Group:

1. Before posting a question, use the Search bar.
Groups that have the same questions asked over and over tend to lose engagement quickly. Let’s work together to keep it fresh in the feed, yo!
2. Don’t share the same photo or photo story across 7 different Facebook groups for photographers.

Many photographers roll in similar groups and see your same posts repeated… and this says more about you and your business than you realize (get to work and outta the groups, already!).
3. When creating a post, keep our audience of Serial Moment-Seekers in your mind.
We have a mix of photographers working towards thriving businesses or fulfilling hobbies all with a passion to preserve memories-in-the-making.
4. Show up daily for a set amount of time and then get back to business.  
I know it’s all fun and games to chit-chat all day, but if you’re living in a FB group, you aren’t growing your business. #thetruthhurts
5. If you show up just to post your content and not help out your fellow community members, they notice.
This big, spacious world of the internet may feel like people don’t see your game and how you engage, but they do.
6. Let this place be your outlet… your diary as a documentarian ambitiously chasing your dreams. Your thoughts and experiences help everyone.
I’m not even gonna sugarcoat it, creating a thriving documentary photography business – or any business – is tough. But know this, you aren’t alone in the journey!

Don’t forget to grab the Daily Prompt Cheat Sheet & Member’s Only Coupon: