GIVEAWAY: Mentorship with Founder + Documentary Photographer, Marie Masse

Less than 3 months to go until 2016. Isn’t that insane?!

So let’s talk about 2015 for a moment. Did you have big plans and goals in January? Have you reached those goals?

Did you discover your inner photography voice and passion for documentary-style photography, but need some help mastering your serial moment-seeker skills?

Or maybe you are a rock star with your camera, but the business side is, well, not so rockin’?


November marks the 1 year anniversary for Fearless and Framed and I want to say thank you for helping this community thrive!

Instead of waiting til November to celebrate, I’m starting NOW. This way, we can be ready for 2016 together. Enter to win a virtual 1:1 mentorship with me and I guarantee you will gain clarity in where you want to take your business for the future, razor sharp focus on which to-dos are the must-dos and which can be set aside, AND we can even work together to kick your moment-seeking skills up a notch through assignments and evaluations. This mentorship will be custom to your needs.

BONUS: Just for entering, I’m giving emailing each entrant a one-time code to shop at Fearless and Framed $15 off your next order (you can grab some free stuff with that or apply it to a larger order! Allow for up to 72 hours for the code to be emailed after you’ve completed your entry). 


photography mentorship giveaway


If I win, what does the mentorship include?

This mentorship session is typically sold for $1,000. It is for anyone serious about growing their documentary-style photography business – no matter where you are in the world!

  • I am invested in you. You will fill out a series of questions that allow me to see how you are feeling today, where you’re stuck, what your dreams are so that I can make this mentorship truly about you. Before I even dive into helping you, I will have a great understanding of your current business.
  • This isn’t a generic figure-it-out-yourself with guidance course. This is about YOU. You will submit your website, social links, and up to 20 images for review (this can be from various sessions or one session as a story and you may submit some RAWs to see how I would edit). In return, you will receive a series of video reviews to help you avoid website tab-closing, keeping your audience engaged on your site + social platforms, closer to getting that booking, and also any advice I have for you to improve your shooting with actionable steps.
  • Marketing plan video review. You will submit details of your marketing plan (including branding materials) for review including details about your general audience + what you are doing to get new bookings. Your marketing includes more than occasional Facebook posts and SEO, right? If not, you will get a crash course in marketing for your clients now – no really, it’s a big deal. Not only have I been in business for several years and have gained an immense amount of experience to save you time in avoiding the mistakes I’ve made, but I’ve paid for premium classes from experts in both online marketing and the service industries. Putting their advice into action has given me the tools I need to teach you how to make a stronger, faster connection with your potential clients leading you right into your next booking.
  • 60 minute 1:1 Q&A call (with screen-sharing if needed) where I am an open book for you… we will briefly go over your review and the rest of the time will be full disclosure to answer your questions on shooting, editing, blogging, workflow, client interaction, business, product sales, marketing, anything you need. You will get off the phone with confidence in knowing the next 3-5 actions you need to take in your business.
  • You will receive even more support: 3 weeks later, you will email me with your questions that have popped up since our time together and will receive a video response with answers.


Why should I want to learn from you, Marie?

Glad you asked!

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  • If you want to run a documentary-style photography business, learn from someone that executes this style in her own business. It’s been over a year now since I’ve dedicated my services to this style. I’m invested in this niche with a passion I can’t even describe in words, but hopefully you can see that my photos say it best.
  • Being dedicated to this style, I created the Fearless and Framed community – I mean, that’s gotta mean something about my passion for helping others, right?
  • I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2007! I’ve had training both from experts and through my own experience in selling products and services in-person and on the phone. In 2010, I was ranked Top 5 for sales in my level in this INTERNATIONAL company! When I was hit with the photography bug, I started my business and have spent years learning about online business – and as mentioned, taken some premium courses which has put the gas pedal on my knowledge and experience. I’m super excited to pass on this knowledge to you to save you time, give you clarity, and watch your actions turn into profit + happiness in your business.
  • Also, I am a fantastic listener, observer, and sometimes get overly excited when teaching.



Marie Masse


How do I enter?

You need to complete a survey application. It should only take about 10-12 minutes (it’s about 25 questions) and all answers are required to be eligible. The survey is accessible once you provide your email address. Click here to begin your entry.


When and how is the winner announced? How is this person chosen?

The entries (completed surveys) will close Friday 9/11/15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner (there will be ONE winner) will be contacted via email and have 72 hours to respond. Should the winner not respond within 72 hours, another entrant will be selected.

The top 5 entries will be hand selected based on the responses in the survey and then the grand prize winner will be chosen via It’s my mission to find someone I feel strongly will work hard and needs a business and/or shooting makeover.

The winner’s name will also be announced on our Facebook Page and right here on this page once the winner has claimed their mentorship.

The mentorship will begin immediately after connecting with the winner.

Remember, it’s our goal to hit 2016 running! Before 2016 comes, you need to be focused on your goals for your revenue, dream vision for your business, and know the actions you need to take to make it all HAPPEN. (that’s where I come in)


How do I know this is for me?

This Mentorship is NOT for you if…

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  • You are looking for a magic button to set your business off without the work in practicing your shooting… a lot, research, marketing, packaging your business, and practicing how to sell.
  • You are looking to book your 2016 solid overnight and make $150,000 by the time our mentorship is over… get lost.
  • If you have been in business for awhile, you are dead set on your business model, and unwilling to make changes. How can I help you if you aren’t open to taking advice?
  • You’re going to pout or recluse if you don’t fill your calendar immediately. It takes time and you need to understand this.



This Mentorship IS for you if:

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  • You are serious in taking a few hours a week to learn and take action on the steps I give you. You’re patient and methodical. You’re committed to the time it takes to build your photography moment-seeking skills, technical skills, and business operations.
  • You are ready to let go of the excuses… “I don’t have time” “I don’t have great gear.” “No one wants to pay for a session.” Are you ready to rid yourself of self-sabotage? Seriously, this is the defining line between a business that will grow and one that will stay the same.
  • You have an open mind to try new things – even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone. And you are emotionally ready for the ups and downs ALL businesses and shooting growth comes with.
  • You can see the big picture of what your business is going to look like and have an insatiable hunger to make those dreams a reality.



What can I do to increase my chances of being selected?

Fill out the survey with thought and honesty! Come on, click here to enter.


I’ve mentored with you before. Can I enter?

YES! I wholeheartedly believe people with an ongoing mentor or coach achieve the best results. The dedication on both parties helps you stay ultra motivated. Let’s face it, we set a goal, we’re excited, and then the excitement usually wanes (especially if we don’t see results right away). You absolutely have a chance here, so enter away, friend!


I sell a product or teach a workshop that competes with you. May I enter?

Yes! You will need to sign a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement for anything I teach you. However, if you already sell a product, I’m not going to take that right away from you and will provide an addendum to our agreement that allows you to continue prior to starting our mentorship. No discrimination here! 😉


Click here to enter to win!


Official rules: 

Must be 18 or older to enter. Void where prohibited. This prize cannot be redeemed for cash. This giveaway is not affiliated or sponsored by any other company besides Fearless and Framed®. Once the winner has claimed their price, the winner will receive an email asking for information needed so I can begin reviewing + set the our dates together. Email address must be provided and all survey questions must be answered in order to be eligible to win. There is a mentorship agreement for non-disclosure & non-compete requirements that must be signed prior to any mentorship taking place. There is no guarantee for results in income, number of bookings, or other results and Fearless and Framed will not be held liable under any circumstance. Any post-processing mentoring will be done in ACR + Photoshop CS6. If you don’t have Photoshop CS6, you can download a free trial from Adobe prior to our session. Do NOT do this until about 48 hours prior to your session. Mentorship calls are held on Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays during the day between 9am – 3p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Winner may incur phone charges, if they apply. Marie is located in the U.S. Rules are subject to change.