Full Day Mentorships

Portfolio Reviews or Hourly Mentoring is great for targeted topics, but if you want to maximize your buying power, a full day mentorship is for you. We’ll begin our time together with a kick off questionnaire so I can best personalize your mentorship. Then, we’ll have a 90 minute online session to “meet,” discuss your responses, and hear my customized mentorship plan. This aids in ensuring my plan for our day together is exactly what you’re looking for. This will help me determine which type of session to plan.


A Day of Mentoring

I’ll choose a shooting subject (or two) sure to be food for your soul, but also to give us a variety in environments based on your goals. We’ll focus on things like light, composition, and recognizing the opportunity to shoot emotion, personality, moment, & story.

While we shoot, I’ll quietly observe you for areas of improvement and for your strengths. You’ll observe me shoot while I quietly explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ll review your RAW files from our shoots as well as the final blog edited series of images. This is the best way for me to see where you struggle, develop your storytelling techniques, and give your confidence a boost when I draw out your strengths. And, you’ll get 1-3 images of yourself shooting!

Aside from shooting, we can cover anything such as: developing your inner message and pairing that with clients, attracting and marketing the right clients, packaging your business (pricing, products), website optimization (to get more inquiries that want YOU), client and marketing communication, and more. No questions are off limits.


After the Day of Mentoring

You’ll receive a video series of my images from our shoot (culling, process, final gallery, & blogging). This will help you see that though my online images are great, I have many flaws and get frustrated over missed moments too (you will feel a surge of confidence in yourself, trust me!).

The Full Day Mentorship: $1,000

A payment plan is available.

Email marie@fearlessandframed.com to inquire.


  • Kickoff questionnaire/90 minute mentorship brainstorm session (to develop a plan best for you)
  • 7 hours in-person mentoring with me (you will need to cover your travel and transportation to me in Richmond, Michigan)
  • Review & feedback of your RAW + blog edited photos from our shoot(s)
  • My RAW culling, process, gallery, blog behind the scenes video series from our shoot(s) of my images
  • 1-3 photos of you rocking our shoot (for you to have full rights to use for your business)