Family + Couples Photo Session Opportunity with Marie Masse

Imagine a few hours of uninterrupted time with your loved ones.

What would you do together?

With my kids, we would get in the car and go exploring. We would find a new trail to hike or new riverfront destination and feed the seagulls.

As a family, we’d stay home for a backyard campfire or drive to the local farm and listen to Levi go, “Mooooooo” to his favorite animal.

With my husband, we’d explore a new place together, we’d stay home and knock out some chores while the kids are gone and then settle into a nice bottle of wine.

Or then there’s this: “we do nothing.” Some of my favorite photos of my family are when absolutely nothing special is going on… yet there was a fraction of a second preserved that takes me back to a powerful moment otherwise gone. Here are a few examples:

This used to be a regular occurrence. Today this boy is drinking out of a big boy cup. This photo is on a canvas and is a great reminder of how fast time moves when it comes to babies. 
hawaii photography model call


I’ve always been attracted to my husband’s jawline and that light on the glass is a reminder to savor our rare alone time together.

documentary couples photography


Newborn baths + bonding. 
documentary newborn photography


An average Saturday afternoon at home when dad is home… full of fun + loud laughter.hawaii family photography


So what’s a photo session with Marie like?

It’s simple yet revealing of more meaning and context than you ever imagined could be in a series of photos. We’ll have a brainstorming session to uncover a photo session that helps tell the story you want to remember about your life together. You may be nervous, let’s face it, everyone is nervous before any kind of photo shoot. Through our pre-session conversations, you will feel fully comfortable having me shoot in a candid approach, I can assure you. You likely will not even feel like you’re on a photo shoot, because you’ll be busy doing whatever we have planned. Your role will become much more clear as we start planning and you should be excited! Here’s the truth: My clients that have welcomed me into their world have been blown away by how natural these sessions actually feel. Take it from them:

Lauren said about their recent couples shoot (a day in the life at home): “Nick and I just took a look at our engagement gallery and absolutely love the photos!  We knew from looking at Marie’s past sessions that the pictures would be amazing, but had no idea just how perfectly she would be able to capture our relationship and our story.  We were a little nervous coming into the session, but soon after Marie arrived we started to understand just how she picks up on small details and really brings out each moment in a special way.  The whole day felt very natural.”



Jesse said about their couples late afternoon boat ride shoot (you know it’s amazing when the GUY takes time to send a message like this!): “Thanks again Marie you did an awesome job and we are VERY pleased with how they all turned out.” 

Photograph Adult Man


Meghan said after their in-home family session (an email I received on my way home!): “Thank you again for coming and photographing our family. It was a totally different experience that we all loved, especially Kris and Alexis. They both hate taking posed pictures and getting them to smile and look normal is usually a fight lol. Alexis who usually complains about getting photos taken whispered to me while you were here and said “she’s so nice, can we please have her take all our family photo from now on?!” So you definitely won her over :)” 



What will I get out of this session?

I’m looking for some very specific sessions for a personal project while I travel.

Ideally, this is for families with older (6-18 yrs) children, empty-nesters new or seasoned, special relationships (3+ generations, group of girlfriends, honestly – fuel me with ideas here), and adventurous couples of all ages. If this is you, we will have a brainstorm session and you’ll have an opportunity to tell me about yourselves before the session. This is key in helping me become inspired to make an awesome delivery of photos for you. We will shoot approximately 2 hours (maybe more, just depends on what I’m photographing).  I will gift you with a 8×8 album with 30 images from our time together as a thank you. This album will:

  • validate all of your hard work as a parent
  • let the foundation of your relationship shine: friendship, commitment, and soul
  • or prove that love, gratitude, joy, and strength are a fully present in your everyday as a family, each and every moment.
  • be pulled out several times after delivery, every now and again when you take some time to look back at “the good ol’ days,” and in 30 years from now at the dinner table when you start telling the grandkids stories of your greatest adventures in life and teach them that they are in the middle of a grand adventure even with they spending “just another day” at home.

Other products are available for purchase, but no purchase is required.


How do I apply?

Click here to fill out this quick & easy form. Please do not expect a response unless I want to inquire further about working with you.


Who is this Marie girl?

Serial-Moment-SeekerI’m Marie Masse, a documentary photographer and also the Founder of Fearless and Framed®.

I work with clients and photographers that totally feel like time flies and help them to slow down + preserve life… usually all wrapped in perfectly packaged album. Upon launching my own documentary session business, I started a place of community, education, and resources for photographers that are also undercover moment-seekers. I help them to take on client sessions that allow them to shine in their voice as documentary rooted photographers.

Because we consistently lose + gain bits of life with each season, I pay attention to detail and use this to fuel our session. Like the sounds of dad’s truck coming down the road, the way mom laughs, the irresistible pull my son has to get me to dance with him to silly songs, how some of our children’s firsts have turned into lasts, and how I still feel amped up to see my husband every single day. This is why I get intentional when it comes to documentary photography, which you can learn more about here. If this sounds interesting, apply for a model opportunity using the form above!

For all of this, my clients are never taken to a pretty park or posed. My sessions are infused with freedom, life, and spontaneous moments they will recognize at first glance now and when they’re 92.

I’m a serial moment-seeker, excited to teach you everything I know.