(kind of like that one over there. 45 degrees out and Levi “dressed” himself...

Photos like THIS – real life, living memory – are why I pick up the camera)

My guess is that documenting life LIGHTS UP your soul + you wanna put honest stories on your clients’ walls?

You’ve got the heart + tear-jerker photos, but struggling to find the dreamies who get EXCITED about having their own pictures (enough to wanna hire you). Sharing your best work online goes un-noticed. Effort = unrewarding.

This is your invitation to snag up the Winter 2018 version of

 Mastery Moment-Seekers: the Marketing Communication Intensive specifically for documentary fam photographers at an INSANE price.

With MMS, you will write evergreen, timeless marketing content that:

Feels GOOD. Not salesy, not preachy. 

Makes your dreamies pay attention when scrolling + know YOU're who they wanna work with.

Forges relationships with strangers who connect with YOU (because they aren’t just buying pictures) and adds them to your potential client roster with ease.

Allows what lights YOU up in photography + life to stay front & center of your biz conversations, working for you even when you're not posting daily to FB or IG.

Marie, you Rock STAR! I just finished my first welcome email EVER and I love it! 

Thank you for the Mad Libs Style Email Sequence Bonus! They're a life-saver.

– Courtney Wilson


The calls + Virtual Content Creation Bootcamps were instrumental in making sure I got shit done! 

Having you rip apart my work and put it back together was the most instrumental in my learning process.

– Kelly Haymes

Your next season of promotion will serve a RED HOT group of dreamies, instead of the cold barely-paying-attention audience you've been workin' with. This time, you'll reveal possibility + excitement of what their photos *could* FEEL like with a renewed vision for pictures!


After 12 weeks, your dream clients’ ears will be perked up and the documentary approach will tug on their heart strings.

This course has touched alllll the topics I needed so badly! 

And I love how I'm being walked through them step by step.

– Justine Curran



Content is released each week, broken up into bite-sized videos. This is a 12-week course with only 8 weeks of content. Why? Because rather than shoving content down your throat, I prefer to see you be actionable. Four implementation weeks are included in the course schedule, so you DO the work along the way. 

We officially start January 29th, but an early release of Modules 1 & 2 will kick off mid-December for you early-birds along with a Early-Bird Only Bonus: PORTFOLIO PARTY in December.

8 weeks of punchy lessons await in an online classroom, accessible 24/7 with LIFETIME access.

Look at your income potential, create a marketing calendar, set a goal. We’ll talk about other income opportunities in addition to sessions + product sales and break it all down into attainable goals set to your calendar. Wondering if you can apply these teachings to your workshop, mentorship program, or ebooks? Hell yes! This is one of my all-time favorite lessons, because you will easily fit marketing into your real-life schedule. Being an entrepreneur with multiple income streams is easier than you think and smart to have diverse income streams.

We’ll talk about time management, your business vision and mindset, being mindful in marketing, and how to market to multiple client types while still speaking directly to each one (and why this can be a game-changer).

Time dedicated for you to take action on what you’ve learned. You’ll have time to create, share with the group, and gain feedback to remain confident in your efforts.

The Power of Client Knowledge

I’ll teach you the exact system I’ve used for nearly 10 years to yield repeat bookings, more product sales, more referrals, and even more mentoring clients—and it can take less than an hour a week! You’ll discover exactly how much repeat business you can expect to rely on each month. Imagine that!

This module has been a gold mine for MMS students! You’ll learn what information you need to know about your dream clients before you even begin marketing to them. By the end of the lessons, you’ll breakthrough the fear of client rejection and take action to understand their real perspective.

Turn Responses into Marketing Gold

Going deeper into client knowledge, we’ll talk about their fears, hesitations, and reasons to object to a session with you... and how to transform those negatives into benefits with my personal recipe for creating marketing material.

Marketing Pre-Game

Email Marketing Foundation

Build a Client For Life

As unsexy as it may sound, this is where you begin to take control of your business. No more leaving it up to chance that someone who “liked” your photo will hopefully remember you when they need a photographer. This is the meat and potatoes of what it really means to play the numbers and relationship game in marketing (and how to rock it).

Getting Bookings with Your System

Curriculum Breakdown

You’ll finish your system by creating content to cultivate those relationships you’ve forged in Module 4. You’ll learn how to get potential clients on the edge of their seat as you make a booking offer. It’s not about attempting the sale once, it’s about making a long-lasting relationship so they come back to you, even if they truly weren’t ready for a session today. You will also learn to navigate the tech side of your simple sales funnel.

Build Your Audience Like Wildfire

Ever feel like posting to social media or your blog results in crickets? No more. This lesson is all about traffic strategies. The more people we get into your system, the quicker your network will grow. This will allow you to hammer out both sides of the numbers and relationship games in marketing. We’ll talk about metrics to monitor, too, so you can tweak your marketing system until you find your sweet spot.

Money, Marketing, & Action

Four Implementation Weeks






Mad-Libs Style Email Sequence ($197 value)

There’s a certain structure to blog posts and emails that will help your readers stick with you from beginning to end. Equally important is a framework to taking new subscribers to from strangers to booked clients. But, writing to dream clients shouldn’t be stressful.

This bonus will make email creation feel more like a game of fill-in-the-blank Mad Libs!  With this template, quickly implement the course teachings without getting hung up on your writing skills. 

Not even sold in the F&F shop. This is for MMS students only.

Bonus #2

Weekly Q&A with Marie (priceless)

Your marketing system relies on moving, memorable content. THIS is my specialty. 

I'm committed during the full, live 12 weeks to answer your questions with a sprinkling of mini marketing makeovers via weekly video Q&A's - no need to show up live. 


cue the Student Perks!

Marketing For Photographers Who Don’t Wanna Niche – Video from Kyla Roma

Bonus #1

Kyla has a serious talent for getting to the core issues that will compel your audience (I should know—she was my business strategist for almost a year!). She’ll show you how to effortlessly market to all of your client types, even if you don’t want to box yourself into a niche. Pure gold.

Who is Kyla Roma?

Kyla Roma is a digital strategist and business coach who teaches gutsy small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to shake off uncertainty and confidently grow their business. She helps clients uncover unexpected opportunities, create profitable systems, build community and double down on their strengths. Her step-by-step and measurable approach makes social media, content marketing, business growth and digital strategy less stressful and more profitable. Learn more at

Bonus #3


This course is NOT for everybody. It’s for BUSINESS-MINDED documentary family photographers looking to build a long-term marketing plan that’s flexible to their evolving voice. It's NOT a quick fix to bookings, it's a lifestyle for the long game.

This course is NOT for you if:

you’re looking for something to spike your income in one full swoop, get lost.

you are cynical and negative about trying new things in your business to see results.

you quit when you don’t see results over night or it gets tough.

instead of being resourceful, you can’t lose sight of your personal roadblocks (time, skill weaknesses)

you see your business as a job and don’t want to have more creative freedom and connection with your clients

you need your hand held… I’m supportive (ask any student), but I won’t serve up sure-fire ideas to you, make decisions for you, or do the work FOR you.

you loathe the idea of writing anything (while I can assure you that you CAN write, if you don’t enjoy the process, this course probably isn’t for you)

This course IS for you if:

on your inquiry calls, you feel like you must convince or convert every potential client from a traditional portrait session to a documentary client. And if you’re doing it unsuccessfully, you NEED this course!

you feel like marketing is overwhelming… so you just don’t do it.

your marketing plan consists of blogging recent sessions, personal projects, and sharing photos on Facebook or Instagram and *hoping* for inquiries… you definitely need this course.

you feel like when you do market, it’s a waste of your time since blogging, social posts, or emails to your audience is followed by silence.

you’re tired of discounting sessions or giving away freebies JUST to get clients in the door.

you think you know who your target market is, but the reality is that you have no idea. (Hint: a family, specifically a mom, with little kids is not enough)

you are tired of reading blog after blog, trying to decipher the advice to best fit YOU and your business on your own

feel like no one wants documentary sessions (so untrue!)

feel like you need to find a way to stand out from the sea of many local photographers you compete for business with

overall you know where you want your business to go, but you have no clue how to get there

you like to make doing business fun and want to feel a part of a small, intimate team working to empower each other

money is NOT the driving force in wanting this course. I can promise you, this course won’t give you overnight bookings. It WILL help you grow your network with people who love what you’re doing!

What will happen my marketing communication stays the same?


“Marie asked me questions that really made me think and dig deep. I am now able to verbalize my message and I know exactly how to clearly communicate it to my potential clients. Although I have yet to tweak my website to include my “why”, this has already helped me SO MUCH when talking to potential clients on the phone. In fact, just the other day I was talking to someone who said she just wanted a few “smile at the camera xmas card portraits”, and in the end she decided she really wanted photos of her family just relaxing together on a Saturday morning (woohoo!). Before this course I would not have been confident enough to walk her through my process and get her envisioning the photos she REALLY wants of her family. So anyways, that one booking already paid for this course!”

– Khalilah Hall

– Hannah Cross

– Beth Gathright

“I was able to convert a portrait client into a documentary client… and booked her!”

“This course was really ingenious compared to other courses. Instead of just jumping into marketing and how to get a bunch of followers, Marie really helped us to look at who we are as photographers and how to really get to know our client. Only after that did the marketing aspect come in to play. She really focused on helping us learn how to build a lasting intentional business.”


Fact: There are wayyyyy more people scrolling their newsfeed NOT thinking about hiring a photographer than there are people actively searching for one.

capture the moments

let me tell your story




real life




This means they’re not hearing the POWER & heart you hear in the buzzwords. You know the ones:


Lastly, I don’t know about you, but I find so much pleasure and a surge of inspiration when I simply talk life and experiences with others

Content marketing will allow your potential dream clients to think deeper, reflect on their life, and see in a perspective they never knew was possible. That’s what MMS is about.


Fact: Your potential clients don’t care about your photography biz like you do.

If you’re only focusing on the ones who are looking, you’re missing out on an abundance of potential clients who eventually may hire a photographer. You wanna be that go-to when it’s time, right? Connection without an agenda is how you hold their attention.

Fact: Mastery Moment-Seekers IS an investment.


Here’s a friendly get-off-the-fence nudge of facts + final thoughts:

They are buying something that’s serving an emotional need. Your marketing content needs to speak to those needs (and MMS will help you navigate those needs and how to speak to them!)

If money is what’s holding you back, do not go forward if this is going to put you in a financial hardship. I want you to feel GOOD about your purchase and come into this free of “I need to make my $ back quickly.”



(and if my husband hears me talk about preserving memories + photography much more, he may burst). So, let’s talk about stuff that gets us all inspired and vow to NOT let the marketing + biz stuff be the killjoy of photography… deal? That’s what this MMS COMMUNITY is about!

Fact: Your clients are buying more than pictures.


If you’ve benefited from the freebies I’ve put on Fearless and Framed, you know the paid stuff is gonna be a whole other level, right (with lifetime access + updates)? #truth

So, you in?

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