Documenting Retired Life: A Personal Photo Project from Jen Faith Brown

With family photography full of chaos and beauty with little ones and every day life being plentiful in the photography industry, it truly makes my heart sing a chorus so loud when I see photographers sharing the stories of other important members of their family… like their parents. Jen Faith Brown did an excellent job at photographing her folks, newly retired. Couples of all ages, regardless if they are married or not, no matter what season in life have a love story… and it deserves to be photographed. Seeing this session makes me think and dream of what life will be like for my husband at this age, while maintaining an appreciation for our current life with little ones, of course.
Here’s what Jen Faith Brown had to say about this session:
After working extremely hard for over thirty years, both of my parents retired this year. As a personal project, I followed them around for a couple hours to document what retired life is all about for my parents.
My dad is a lover of all art. He has a workshop in the backyard in which he paints, dabbles in woodworking, writes poetry and plays his guitar. On this morning he was working on a frame for his latest creation. I always knew my dad was a bit of a collector of random junk, but it wasn’t until I went in the workshop to do these photos did I realize how much stuff he had! Literally from rafters to the floor was filled with an assortment of objects that either have meaning to him such as New York references (his hometown) or objects he simply thought were ‘neat’ (like a giant instrument or oversize shears). My mom is creative in her own way and enjoys knitting. She actually taught me to knit when I was much younger but I stopped after making a couple scarves and one blanket. My mom, however, is a master at her craft and makes absolutely beautiful baby blankets for all her grandchildren as well as for her friends’ new bundles of joy.
One thing my parents have always enjoyed doing together is going antiquing. This probably explains where my dad finds his unique possessions. We headed to a local antique mall for a quick shopping trip and then to an Italian restaurant for lunch because if you know my dad, you know he doesn’t ever miss a lunch. My dad is Italian so it was quite appropriate we ended up at Napoli’s but this was also a meaningful location in that they used to eat there after ballroom dance lessons years ago when my younger sister was getting married.
So, overall, retired life is not too shabby and I am so happy for my parents that they can enjoy this time together!

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About Jen Brown:
I am a documentary photographer from Dallas, Texas focusing mainly on my own children with client sessions sprinkled in. I love preserving memories of life with three boys in a special and meaningful way.
Author: Eboni Rivera
Fearless and Framed's Course and Community Ambassador + Self proclaimed "Memory Giver". Eboni is a Family Documentary Photographer and Film Artist at Luxe Art Images, LLC located in Long Island, NY. She provides emotive, heart-tugging, feel good photography and films for families who give a damn about the preservation of their memories. Her approach to photography allows families to leave behind a legacy of who they are, how much they love and just how awesome their lives truly are.

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  • Nice work. I see your parents are laughing a lot. Good for them……”The most useless day of the week s one which we have NOT laughed.”
    Laughing and smiling good for the soul…….

  • Not only are they great human beings, but they photograph beautifully! This is a retirement (and life) well-planned! Your work captures their essence, Jen and makes me look forward to growing into retirement with my own beloved. Well done.

  • Oh my gosh these shots are so amazing! I want to fly home and photograph my Dad in his workshop right now! Seriously great shots that will mean the world to you and your family.

  • I love this. Absolutely gorgeous images. Capturing so much detail. May you treasure these always.

    I have my folks “booked in” for their own session babysitting their little grandson this summer and I can’t wait. xx