Day Three – Kindly Follow Up

I’m that parent that opens up my daughter’s pre-school folder on Fridays to see homework…. and then forgets about it until the night before she has to go back to school. People are damn busy these days. Even when we’re not busy, we get busy watching shows and can actively stay busy doing nothing. Here’s the thing to remember: Unless your potential clients feel a sense of urgency, they have no real reason to take action…. they have a “it can wait” mentality.

Today is all about the follow up.

You’re not being annoying or pushy. They very well could have forgotten to read your message and now it’s buried in their inbox. Maybe they opened it, so now it looks like it was read, but the truth is that they while they started reading it (alongside cooking dinner on the stove) they had to make a mad dash to the living room to referee the kids (story of my life). Let’s get back to the front of their brain and reconnect.


Step 1: Follow up with the people you reached on Day 1

If you chose to include an offer in your approach, now it’s time to inform them that the offer is about to end. Here are some easy ways you can follow up in a flash.

To people you sent an incentive/special offer to:

Hi Kellie!

I haven’t heard back from you since my message the other day. Tomorrow I’m going to open up my available limited sessions that will receive the 8×8 album gift to others. There are only 3 spots left. Before I do so, I wanted to give you one last chance to get in on this incentive. Are you interested?


To people you sent a session idea to:

Hi Jennifer,

The other day I sent you an idea for another session we could do together. I’d love to hear your feedback! If it makes sense for us to brainstorm this idea, are you are on Thursday at 7 p.m.? I’d love to meet you for coffee.


To inquiries:

Option A:

Hi Jessica!

How did you like the 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding {from a photographer’s perspective}? I’d love to know which tips you plan to implement into your wedding and also to hop on a 20 minute call to chat about the photos I know will be your favorite from your wedding day. Are you available Friday at noon?

Option B:

Hi Jessica!

This will be my final message to you as I haven’t heard back from the last couple I sent. Should you want to reconnect with me and move forward, please send me an email. In the meantime, I have one more item I thought you may like to see. This is my reviews of favorite venues in the area. It’s kind of a large pdf, so click here and I will get it emailed over to you, if interested.

(The key is to get them on your mailing list so you don’t lose them entirely. Remember, they may not be responding for many reasons – don’t assume it’s because they aren’t interested in working with YOU. They may not be able to work with you now, but should the opportunity come up again they may jump on it).


To the business/venue or person (say a bride-to-be) you sent tips to:

Hi Tony!

I’m writing you today, because I didn’t hear back from my email on 8 ways to make customers feel connected to your brand. If this is something you’re interested in, I’d love to show you some more. Can we connect either Thursday or Friday this week for about 20 minutes? If I’m reaching the wrong person, can you direct me to the person I should be in contact with?


Step 2: Follow up with those you sent your blog post to

First, if you sent a business or a person your blog post yesterday, be sure to make sure you do these follow ups at least 24 hours after you shared with them. I didn’t want to skip out on these follows ups, but they can certainly be done beyond Day 3.


To the business/venue you sent a blog post to:

Hi Melissa.

I’m writing to you today as I haven’t heard back from my message about _______. I adore your (business/venue) and hope my post made your place shine as wonderfully as it does! My audience has loved the post and some have mentioned they grew up with similar memories. Would you consider collaborating on a project? Some of my clients love mini sessions and your beach has been brought up many times. I’ll bet that your audience would love the gesture in setting them up with a photographer to help preserve these memories. My thoughts are that in approaching this as an event together, I could donate a portion of my session fees back to the beach so you may utilize the extra funding for your own projects.

It’s win/win really. 

Are you interested? If so, we can meet for lunch or coffee to discuss the details. If not, is there someone else I should connect with?


Step 3: Update your social media

In the Facebook Group or Posts you’ve made:

As you likely know, a post inside of a Facebook Group is brought back to the top of the discussion when a new comment is added. Facebook will extend your reach out slightly when more comments are added to a post on a page/personal account. So while it’s important to reply and stay with the conversation, after 20 minutes or so, let the conversation go on. Then, a few hours to even a day later, you can jump back on and comment. This will give your post a boost!

Another tip: I don’t tag people right away. I wait a few hours or a day to tag a page – this tends to give the post a little more Facebook love too. Of course, this is a tedious tasks, but it is an option.


Update your posts with your web traffic (if you offer to run a giveaway for beating your traffic record): 

Friends, you rock! 

We are about 250 page views away from beating my high record for web traffic in a day. I’m in awe knowing that together we’ve helped spread the love and power of MEANINGFUL family photos. If you can share for the first time or once again, I know we can beat this record and I’ll be giving away a session next week!!! Are you in?!


Step 4: Record your results

If you have followed all of my steps AND made sure to reach a great number of people (let’s face it, connecting with just 5 people isn’t going to bring you the results you’re after), you’ve just kicked some serious booking tail. You’ve made the CHOICE to take action in your business rather than sitting on the sidelines… *hoping* for new bookings. This alone is huge. Now, go back and update your stats – your number of website users, number of page views, your social media fan/follower count, your email subscribers, and your booking count. You joined because you wanted a new booking, but the truth is, all of these stats should be increasing through this challenge. Therefore, even if you didn’t land a booking this time, you know the efforts have paid off.