Course & Community Ambassador

Are you someone that is highly motivated? Have a super positive, friendly attitude? Are you influential in the way you communicate & kill ’em with kindness? Do you have a good understanding of the business of photography?

If so, keep reading.

I’m looking for a Course & Community Ambassador to be the center of Fearless and Framed’s communication with our customers and audience. This is a part time position with the potential to turn into a full time position where you can work from anywhere, whenever (you set your hours while making sure you’re taking care of our community)

I don’t need you to be an expert in documentary-style photography or running a highly successful business. I can teach you the essentials. I do need you to have an understanding of online business and what photographers go through in working with clients. If you don’t know the difference in documentary photography sessions & traditional family sessions, this is not the position for you. If lead magnets, ideal clients, and running a photography business are completely foreign to you, this is not the position for you.

I need you to help Fearless and Framed maintain our reputation of being a participating voice within our community as well as support our product purchasers + Mastery Moment-Seekers course students with their questions or possible concerns.

This position requires excellent people & communication skills. But if you’re the person I’m looking for, you love joining in and even leading the conversation.


“So what exactly will I be doing?” Here’s all the details:

  • The Course & Community Ambassador (CCA) will truly be the bridge from our brand to our happy customers.
  • The CCA’s first priority of this position is to become familiar inside & out of our latest course, Mastery Moment-Seekers.
  • The CCA will be responsible for providing feedback to our students when they have questions or need some attention on their assignments by jumping into our course groups 3x per week and help answer student questions or alert Marie when she is needed.
  • Because the CCA will be working closely with our students, it is their responsibility to monitor the questions and communicate with Marie when there seems to be an FAQ that should be addressed within the course itself.
  • The CCA will keep watch in our main email account, Facebook Groups, and other social media platforms for needed support by our audience and purchasers.
  • The CCA will kindly respond to our emails and/or forward any emails to the necessary person when needed in a timely manner.
  • The CCA will research, prioritize, and resolve any customer issues (which luckily so far is usually only the occasional assistance in downloading a product, which I can train you how to assist).
  • The CCA will monitor our Goodbye, Posing Guide group – watch that the discussion stays on topic, removes any spam or advertising, and members that break rules. You’ll be the boss.
  • The CCA will kindly respond to our social tags and engage with audience members to show our support.
  • This position could potentially move into a full time Social Media Strategist.
  • The CCA will pay close attention to social media & refer our audience or photographers in need of advice to our blog or products relating to their needs.


Things You’ve Done in the Past

  • Worked in a fast-paced environment
  • Have had successful experience in teaching others
  • Worked in a customer care position
  • Networked & grew a social media audience (does not have to be massive)


This position is NOT for you if:

  • You have too much going on growing your own business and this position becomes less of a priority due to lack of focus and dedication
  • You don’t like communicating with people online or via online conferencing
  • Those unwilling to sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • You’ve never had any training or experience in how to grow & nurture an online audience
  • You don’t enjoy helping others


The person that fulfills this role is someone who:

  • loves to be social with other photographers
  • loves helping & watching others achieve their goals
  • knows how to get things done without their hand held
  • can efficiently respond to customers without taking an hour to figure out the right thing to say
  • is a high communicator
  • is resourceful
  • is technology savvy and can learn technology fairly quickly, if and when needed
  • can build rapport quickly with members in our audience
  • who adapts well to changes on the fly, without complaint
  • believes in the Fearless & Framed brand and what it does for other photographers


Why Should I Be Interested in This Job?

  • Be a part of a business that doesn’t just preserve memories through photos, but we teach others the how and the why so a mass amount of people can reap the rewards
  • Be a key role in helping Fearless and Framed’s brand make a strong, positive impact on photographers both in business & in confidence
  • Work with awesome people that are have a driven, positive attitude that is unavoidably contagious.
  • Get paid to do something you already find fun & enjoyable (being social & helping others)
  • Marie is a badass boss to have 😉 The ability to work on your own schedule is pretty awesome.


Why is this job so important?

  • I, Marie, believe deeply in producing products that are actually valuable, proven, and make people feel great about their purchase. Exceptional care is part of that experience.
  • Marie is only one person & having someone in place to help students on her behalf will allow her to continue to develop products & build up the community.
  • We have a lot going on at any given time and we need someone who can really own this role and wear it with pride
  • Brand quality & exceptional customer care is part of our identity plan for the longterm growth of this company


Ready to Board the Dream Team? Tell me about you.