Contribute and Be Published

Fearless and Framed® welcomes the opportunity to publish work + writing of photographers and industry leaders. Our growth and success is not one-sided or one-minded, it’s from all of our voices coming together to help others understand, believe, and fall in love with the documentary approach.

Join us in the documentary movement. Share your story, your photos, your thoughts, & more.


1. Photo Projects + Real Story Features

We want to showcase any and every kind of subject matter under the {mostly} documentary umbrella for both personal + client work! While we continue and love to share documentary family & children, we’re actively seeking to add these types of subjects to our publications:

  • Stories from the perspective of different activities or experiences (think sports, snowmobiling, equestrian, visiting the family cabin, a day in the life of work, visiting Aunt Sally, playing Pinochle with Grandpa Joe, wine night with your girlfriends, fishing with the boys, hard life challenges… the possibilities are endless)
  • senior/teen/individual stories
  • engagement / couple photo sessions
  • weddings
  • personal photography projects

Please keep in mind we want to show work that tells a story through images, unposed, real, & documented.

A few examples of stories we love:

Email us with your idea at with sample pictures & a detailed summary.


2. Iconic Photo Blog Series

These photos symbolize perfection to you even if they’re filled with technical flaws, randomness, and little to no meaning to the rest of this big ol’ world.

Contribute a photograph that’s highly iconic to you in one way or another.

You agree that the strongest of photos don’t necessarily have the perfect technicalities, but are the ones that speak loudest to your own heart when you’ve created them. Or, as I like to call them “Simple Pictures with Big Backstories.” Share yours with us + inspire the rest of the world: real is the new perfect.

A few examples of Iconic Photos:

Email us at with your iconic photo and a paragraph about the picture + why it’s iconic to you.


3. Get Paid to Educate

If you have something to say, this is the place to do it!

We’re always looking to add tutorials such as:

  • technical and/or business related written or video posts – think all areas from business from setting up shop to delivering products
  • documentary approach / shooting technique advice / post processing / creating products
  • confidence boosting posts

Don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers with what you wanna say.

We love when photographers propose ideas to write about! Here are a few of our favorites:

We love to pay our writers for in-depth tutorials. These are NOT a place for advertising, however they’re a wonderful way to gain exposure for your workshops / mentoring services, especially because if you give us an excellent post, we’ll add it to our monthly post that’s viewed by thousands of photographers across different audiences.

Payouts depend on how in-depth they are and range from $75 – $250 and are sent via PayPal.

Email your idea to us at Provide a detailed summary and outline to be considered.


4. Diary of Documentarians

The soul food of the F&F blog. This category for those who show strong writing skill (and enjoy it!) in addition to photography skill.

We believe that the most emotion-provoking documentary photographers have a great sense of awareness. They carry this awareness even when the camera is absent. This awareness causes wonder, curiosity, and above all, a vision which the average person misses. The Diary of Documentarians is a place for the awareness to become transparent. We hope create a stronger photographic vision in photographers to help them in their own documentary journey.

The content has no boundaries in subject matter. This blog is a home for our worries, our fears, our celebrations, our nostalgia, our gratitude, and even our blasé everyday life. It is a place where the details become the subject matter.

It could be in memory or honor of a loved one, it could be a life lesson, thoughts on a project, personal opinions, thoughts about a song lyric, describing something that moves and shakes you, behind the scenes into your world and how you see it, something that surprises you, personal growth, anything… being transparent for the sake of helping others see a new perspective.

A few favorites we’ve published:

Email us with your idea at Include a summary & sample pictures.