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The Ultimate Photo + Video Slideshow Creation Guide

You’ve felt it.The seductive impact a mix of music, sometimes sweet voices, movement, and great images plays on our souls when we see the latest slideshows shared by other photographers. Each time I see a gallery slideshow, especially ones mixed with video clips, it reminds me of my family’s old home videos. The days, things we say, clothes we wear… all otherwise forgotten are revived in these slideshows. Slideshows are especially effective for documentary photography; to add more emotion to your gallery reveal or even as a product offered for your photography clients.

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slideshow in adobe premiere pro

How To Create a Slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro for Photographers

So you’re ready to start creating slideshows for your clients (or personal use) with the elite software: Adobe Premiere Pro? Hannah Cross is a talented documentary photographer + videographer that can talk you through the basics in creating a slideshow in this software.

slideshow in windows movie maker

How to Make a Photo Slideshow in Windows Movie Maker

Making a slideshow in Windows Movie Maker is so easy, plus it’s already on your computer, so it’s free! (I’m a big fan of free).

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photo slideshow in imovie

How to Create a Photo and Video Clip Slideshow in iMovie

Creating a video can be as complex or as simple as you would like it to be. iMovie makes it simple to create a powerful slideshow. I’m going to show you how simple creating a movie can be!

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photo session slideshow

Photo Session Slideshow Share from Stephanie Heydt

This session was for a friend of mine who luckily is very into unposed family pictures, so she didn’t need to be convinced about letting me shoot how I wanted to shoot. She’s expecting her 2nd child in a few weeks and wanted to document these last few moments of just the three of them.

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documentary slideshow

Documentary Slideshow – Breakfast and Family Time

Recently a sweet family of four invited me to spend a typical Sunday afternoon with them. Our families are old friends but I no longer live in the area, so I might have literally jumped at the chance to work with them and to get to meet the little girls.

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