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The Ultimate Photo + Video Slideshow Creation Guide

You’ve felt it. The seductive impact a mix of music, sometimes sweet voices, movement, and great images plays on our souls when we see the latest slideshows or fusion videos shared by other photographers. Each time I see a gallery slideshow, especially ones mixed with video clips (also known as fusion videos), it reminds me […]

slideshow in adobe premiere pro

How To Create a Slideshow in Adobe Premiere Pro for Photographers

So you’re ready to start creating slideshows for your clients (or personal use) with the elite software: Adobe Premiere Pro? Hannah Cross is a talented documentary photographer + videographer that can talk you through the basics in creating a slideshow in this software which you can easily do with photos just as you can video. […]

How to Make a Photo Slideshow in Windows Movie Maker

Making a slideshow in Windows Movie Maker is so easy, plus it’s already on your computer, so it’s free! (I’m a big fan of free). Here’s a video you can watch and follow along as I create a slideshow:   1. Start by opening the program. To add pictures, you can click the ‘add videos or […]

How to Create a Photo and Video Clip Slideshow in iMovie

Creating a video can be as complex or as simple as you would like it to be. iMovie makes it simple to create a powerful slideshow. I’m going to show you how simple creating a movie can be! Begin by opening iMovie Go to File>New Movie Select the theme you would like, I always choose […]

photo session slideshow

Photo Session Slideshow Share from Stephanie Heydt

This session was for a friend of mine who luckily is very into unposed family pictures, so she didn’t need to be convinced about letting me shoot how I wanted to shoot. She’s expecting her 2nd child in a few weeks and wanted to document these last few moments of just the three of them.

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documentary slideshow

Documentary Slideshow – Breakfast and Family Time

Recently a sweet family of four invited me to spend a typical Sunday afternoon with them. Our families are old friends but I no longer live in the area, so I might have literally jumped at the chance to work with them and to get to meet the little girls.

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