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Photo session in a library - mommy and me

5 Unconventional Places to Shoot Great Family Photographs

It’s common for a lot of family photo shoots to happen in people’s homes, for a good reason. Your home is probably where your kids said their first words, where they learned to crawl and take their first steps, where they did something that should have made you mad, but they’re just so gosh darn cute […]

17 Photos to Inspire You in Documenting Adult Men

Throughout various communities, I’ve seen people wish they could pose men better. Documenting adult men is a whole different ball game.Read More

A Session Spark: Late Night Snack Photo Session Idea

We all have these memories of things that went unnoticed by everyone else. These can make for the best photo session ideas!

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High School Photo Session Ideas

Growing up, I remember my mom saying, “I wish I could go back to high school, but knowing what I know now.” I used to roll my eyes like, “Yeah, whatever mom.” And now here I am, 10+ years after high school, and I totally get it now.

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Newborn Photography: The First Days

You might not look your best. You probably won’t feel at your best being exhausted. You area likely to think this is a terrible idea for a photo session.

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Late Night Ice Cream Trips

I always wanted a camera as a child, but didn’t have that luxury. If I would have had a camera, I would have so many childhood memories documented. Our late night ice cream trips would be one of them!

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A Session Spark: Documenting Progression

Imagine having less clients and more sessions. Instead of working so hard to find your next client, think about what it would be like to photograph them again and again through a progression of sessions.

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Driving Across the Street Without a License

Rebels we were I tell ya! Ok, not really. But when you are 15, without a license, and driving with your BFF

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Photo Session Idea: Sunrise Fishing with Dad

You know how there are memories you hold that you wish you had photos of? This is near the top of my list.

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A Photo Session Spark: Plan an Adventure

We all have those stories from our childhood of a special time with a loved one. If we are lucky, we have photos that go along with those stories.

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documentary photography

Something I Will One Day Cherish

This occurrence, and Session Spark, is something I will some day cherish. The best part of this photography journey is that it’s enabled me to recognize these happenings as something special.

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A Session Spark: a little burst of life to jump start your photo shoot planning

I got tired of my vision being shot down by clients. Then that ah-ha moment happened.

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