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Posts about preserving memories – living / past. Reflections on past memories. Legacy. How / why shooting documentary rocks.

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Freeze Time at Family Events – Forget the Perfect Shot

When I first became a photographer, it felt like the stigma of the title meant I was the new family portrait photographer during family dinners, parties, and more. These days, the family gets that I’m not going to play portrait photographer. I want to relax and enjoy the day just as much as they do. […]

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Document People Around You, Not Just the Kids

When Marie of Fearless and Framed said she noticed that documentary photographers aren’t generating a ton of images with adult interactions, I wholeheartedly agreed. People love children in all of their raw and beautiful glory. We’re drawn to their cute expressions and the way they see the world with such wonder. We hope that by taking photos […]

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Sunflowers at Sunrise: An After-Wedding Photo Story

I wanted these AFTER the wedding photos to be fully unposed, but wasn’t sure how to do this as I got in my car, under the dark sky, before I met newlyweds, Andy and Kate, at sunrise. I’ve grown into a photographer that thrives on documenting motion and moments when no one is paying attention – […]

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The Newborn Pictures I Wish I Had

2011, I became a mother. Kendall was born. She was a petite, little thing and I knew nothing about photography back then. And this is a story about the newborn pictures I wish I had. I recently found myself trying to remember our life with Kendall as a baby. I looked back at my early 365 project […]

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Fearless and Framed’s Double Dog Dare to Photographers

It’s time to think outside the box. It’s time to go beyond posed photo sessions, lifestyle photo sessions, and even every day photos. Take the double dog dare to photographers to make the list that will change your thinking in how you approach your next photo session. And if that doesn’t work, I have a […]

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Must Read Blog Posts for Photographers

If you are craving more info on photography business pricing, shooting and technical tips, and some serious inspiration to challenge yourself, then keep reading! These are favorite blog posts for photographers around the net that you cannot not pass up! Know of a good one not on the list – email us at We will keep […]

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Photo Session of our Daughter in my Wedding Dress

I’ve dreamed of putting Kendall in my wedding dress for years.I’ve dreamed of putting Kendall in my wedding dress for years. Through the years, I’ve seen dozens of photos of daughters in their mom’s wedding dress giving their best princess bride smile to the camera. This day was unplanned and totally spontaneous. At dawn, I […]

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