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360 Degrees of Natural Light Through the Doorway – Shooting Indoors

When you first learn to shoot in manual mode, all that is on your mind is shutter speed, aperture, and ISO… now understand how to see natural light.

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shooting into the sun tutorial

Mesmerizing Photo From Shooting Directly Into the Sun

Shooting directly into the sun can be a real challenge… and could even ruin your photo. Ari Dorfman posted this image in our Facebook Group & I was taken in by the light + the connection he made with his daughter.

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Proper Exposure – Purposely Under or Over-Exposing Your Photos

Do you rely on your in-camera light meter to toggle 0 (center) and tell you when your settings are going to produce a perfectly exposed photo? I used to. As my comfort level in shooting in manual mode grew, my ability to play with light when it’s uneven, extra bright, or seemingly not enough to make a great photo grew too. I want to help you see how you can create extraordinary images by purposely over-exposing or under-exposing your photos.

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