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shoot in full sun

Shoot in Full Sun with 5 Quick Tips

I did golden light right from the beginning. It was what every photographer who I followed did and what photographer blogs suggested, and while it is such a lovely time to shoot. It can also be very restrictive.

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Photography natural lighting

360 Degrees of Natural Light Through the Doorway – Shooting Indoors

When you first learn to shoot in manual mode, all that is on your mind is shutter speed, aperture, and ISO… now understand how to see natural light.

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shooting into the sun tutorial

Mesmerizing Photo From Shooting Directly Into the Sun

Shooting directly into the sun can be a real challenge… and could even ruin your photo. Ari Dorfman posted this image in our Facebook Group & I was taken in by the light + the connection he made with his daughter.

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Positioning Your Subject in the Sun – Photography Lighting

Instead of running from the sun, it’s fun see how positioning your subject in the sun can create various looks and even drama. I think this particular image gives a sense of independence – she is confident and strong as a dancer – and serenity in one.

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off camera lighting

Unexpected Light – Using a Motion Detector Light

I remember racing home (not literally) from picking the kids up from school, because the sky was this incredible orange and pink tone. It was just after sunset and the light was fading quick. After grabbing my camera,

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photo light sources

Photography Indoor Light Using a Laptop

You’ve likely been irritated with indoor light at one point or another in your photography journey. Whether it was grain due to lack of light or the funky color casts, don’t be quick to write off shooting indoors. I love

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Proper Exposure – Purposely Under or Over-Exposing Your Photos

Do you rely on your in-camera light meter to toggle 0 (center) and tell you when your settings are going to produce a perfectly exposed photo? I used to. As my comfort level in shooting in manual mode grew, my ability to play with light when it’s uneven, extra bright, or seemingly not enough to make a great photo grew too. I want to help you see how you can create extraordinary images by purposely over-exposing or under-exposing your photos.

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