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Documenting Mitzvahs as Part of a Thriving Photography Business with Susan Kalina

I am a documentary family and event photographer. However, I didn’t start out that way. I majored in photojournalism at Mizzou and worked at newspapers and magazines for ten years. Thirteen years ago I made the decision to step off the career track to stay home with my children and quit my job as a photo […]

Documenting Real Stories: A High School Senior with a Love for Aviation

When clients contact me to inquire about a session, they often ask for either a specific location that reflects Germany, Europe or a location they’ve seen in my other images. Of course, to break the ice, I always joke and say, “of course, we can go there and of course I do everything… except underwater photography… LOL.” Early this past summer, […]

How to Make Your Business Fit Into Your Life (Not the Other Way Around)

There’s one thing all the photographers in our community seem to agree on, regardless of lifestyle or business goals: There’s no such thing as perfect work/life balance. You’ve heard all about prioritizing, embracing imbalance and learning to let go. But what happens when you’re ambitious—and you like it that way? You don’t want to settle […]

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We Began To Renovate a 1970 Airstream Ambassador and Ultimately Our Lives

All Dave could say was, “I’m not doing this alone.” He was perplexed by the idea of buying a 46 year old, smelly Airstream versus a newer RV with slide outs and modern amenities. I felt if we are really doing this thing – downsizing our lives – that I don’t want to go from a 3,200 square foot home to the mansion of RV life. Plus, HELLO! An Airstream is serious vintage eye-candy, says the photographer in me. As a girl that’s been blessed to have just about everything I could ever want, I want to see if I have what it takes to live without all the “stuff” and complete a major project we know nothing about. You see, we want more out of life… and believe that seeking less will actually help us to gain more.

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From Shooting Everything to Shooting With Intention

Why shoot everything and miss out on your valuable shutter clicks when you can develop yourself to shooting with intention? Learn more.

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find your voice as a photographer

How Your Photography Voice Can Help Your Marketing

“Find your voice. Find your style. Know your photography vision. Uncover your message. Have a clear identity in your photos. Choose a smaller niche and do it amazingly.”

These are all things you’ve likely heard before if you’ve been shooting for awhile.

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own your photography style

You Do You: Own Your Photography Style

I found myself in a similar situation years later (a’lada years later). Struggling to pose a client is exactly what was happening to me when I was forcing myself to be a family photographer. Everyone around me was photographing families, my favorite photographers were photographing families, doesn’t that naturally mean I should too? Ummm, yep that’s a NO!

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Burnt Out From Family Photo Sessions, She Fed Her Passion

About ten years ago, after gaining some confidence in my early-thirties, I started my own photography business. At first, I did start out photographing families and children, un-posed and casual in gorgeous fields… although this was long before others decided to do the same and it became a national past-time. Five years later, burned out by copy-cat photographers and everyone with a camera, I very much wanted to make photographs that really mattered to me and that felt more personal.

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creative havits

How to Under-Develop Your {Bad} Creative Habits

The best way to grow your photography skills is to practice. To hone your skills, having a constant push to see a different perspective will not only keep your vision fresh, but will aid in preventing you from creating habits which turn into creative ruts. I mean think about it, how often have you approached a familiar scene (your living room, for example) and you realize you are standing in the same place you shot this scene the last 4 times?

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documentary photo session

Documentary Photo Sessions: Embracing the Reluctant Mom

I want to start by acknowledging the dirty little secret of family documentary photography: for many, it takes some selling.

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first photo session

My First Photo Session – Photographers Share Experiences

Your first photo session. We asked the Fearless and Framed audience of photographers to share their first photo session experiences. If you are about to start your own photography business, know that we all start somewhere.

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how to beat client doubt - for photographers

Storytelling Documentary Photo Sessions: Beat Client Doubt in 3 Steps

They book their photo session with you and the planning begins with their questionnaire + initial consultation. Suddenly, client doubt sets in about doing a documentary session. Read this full photography tip to keep them on the right track.

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