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Documentary Family Photography - Podcast

#008 – Loosen Your Grip

A surgery prep call with the hospital prompted me to explore the question: How do you cope with stress?  My response was: I look at what’s happening and take one step forward. But, what does that look like? THAT’S what I explore in this ep. The woman on the phone meant stress in terms of […]

Newborn Family Photography with Nick McArthur

#007 – Marketing, Selling, and Your It Factor with Nick McArthur

I had never heard of Nick. I wasn’t shopping for any kind of help, yet I landed on his site + booked him in like a day. Crazy, right? Nick McArthur is a Sales Coach + Awesomeness Expert. In real talk: he helps people realize how great they are + be brave enough to use […]

Maternity Documentary Photography from Justine Currant

#006 – Family Connection + Photography with Justine Curran

Today, I re-listened to this convo with Justine Curran. It happened more than a few months back, so today it felt like something new. I’ve gotta tell ya, I was lit the hell up listening to this thing! It re-ignited my excitement for our convo, but also for the podcast as a whole + what […]

#005 – ‘Elicit Emotion’ Obsession? Listen in.

When I speak to my students, they’re often so obsessed with the questions, “do you feel emotion?” or “do you feel the story?” that they’re trying to make ALL of their pictures be universal… to the point they lose sight of their voice from trying so damn hard. In ep 005, I get up on […]

Whats a Legacy Box - Documentary Family Photography

#004 – What’s a Legacy Box?

In this episode, I talk to you about a Legacy Box – creating one, filling it up, what it means, & more. I started using the term Legacy Box in 2017 when I was building, The Preservation Project. I was using the phrase to describe (basically) the end goal – a way to summarize your […]

#003 – Documentary School Photography with Katie Jett Walls

Yeahhh first episode with a guest, Katie Jett Walls! I’m really excited to share since it’s different than what you’ve listened to in the past couple of episodes. Katie holds such a special place in my heart, not just as a student of mine, but as someone I look at like, “Wait, WHY did you […]

Intentional Documentary Photography

#002 – Why Intentional Documentary™ is a Movement Worth Paying Attention To

This episode took a lot out of me. I wanted it p-e-r-f-e-c-t for you. I wanted everything I feel in my heart inside this 30(ish) minute recording and for it to be music to your ears. You know what kind of pressure that’s like? At least 12 false starts to this recording, that’s what! ha […]

Photography Podcast / How to Preserve memories with pictures

#001 – Gain Total Clarity Around What Matters Most

Whether you’re trying to keep up at home, in your photography journey, or in your business, let’s (re)gain total clarity on what matters to help you stay focused on your values. The more you start pausing to enjoy them, the more you look for them, and the more you SEE + feel them in your day-to-day. […]

podcast for photographers

#000 – Welcome to the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast

It’s here! It’s here! The Intentional Documentary™ Podcast is finally here! In this ep, I’ll set the stage for what this podcast is about: who it’s for and give you the {short-version} of the backstory of my own journey from, “what’s manual mode?” to OBSESSED with preserving life stories with my camera for myself + […]

Cambell's Covered Bridge, South Carolina

My Podcast Promise

I was driving home the other day and the closeness of hitting PUBLISH on this thing was sinking in. Mixed emotions: excitement + also fear of judgement in releasing this piece of my heart here in the photography community. I think my non & new photographer listeners will feel enlightened + empowered with what they *can* […]

The Podcast for Photographers

The Making of the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast

We’re fully ready for the Intentional Documentary™ Podcast to go LIVE on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. Not gonna lie, it feels GOOD. We’ve got episodes in the queue for sound editing, mini mags, and new guest convos brewing. In the meantime, I want to share all the external (and internal) stuff that’s happened behind the scenes […]

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