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Documenting Time

Iconic Photo of When Time Stands Still As a Parent

It’s all in the quiet moments when you are a parent. This is when the refection and thoughts about time hit you. Being up late in the night and early morning or after a tantrum or after a nap with snuggles reluctant to break and move forward with your day. We’ve all been there as parents, […]

photo of a man

Creating an Iconic Photo of a Man

How do you photograph an adult, a man, a teenager, a couple… etc… in a documentary-style way? This question is asked a lot around the Fearless and Framed community. My response is always this simple: photograph them being them, doing what they do. The results will always leave you with a photo that sums up […]

Katie Myrick

A Self Portrait Documenting Family In the Now

How would you document your family in the now? Loving how Katie Myrick made this iconic photo happen, this is August’s Iconic Photo.

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birth photography

One of the Most Timeless Iconic Photos: First Breaths

No other image is as classic and timeless than that of your very first photo. This addition to our iconic photos blog category is from photographer, Gina Holt.

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documentary photography

Photographing the Tired, Sick, and Vulnerable

I’ve seen this scene more than I’d like to count. I love Rachel’s perspective on photographing the non-happy moments… the tired, sick, and vulnerable as she says. Keep reading 😉

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iconic photo

Iconic Photo – Our Family Matriarch

This photo nearly made my jaw hit the floor. This iconic photo relays the story of a relationship with Grandma by truly documenting their connection here.

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Documenting a Timestamp

Documenting a Timestamp in Your Life

There is a defining moment every mother can relate to: the moment you realize your last baby is your last. ‘This is it,’ you think to yourself… likely with big, crocodile tears in your eyes.

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soul threading feature

Iconic Self Portrait from Soul Threading: Light + Children

I’ve followed Soul Threading for awhile now and am always inspired. I was over the moon when I saw Stacey’s Iconic Photo come in. We’ve seen detail shots, loved ones, symbolic portraits, but she was the first artist to share a self portrait to us.

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Documentary Wedding Iconic Photo from Ian Bursill

Weddings are a perfect place to spot documentary photography, because as the photographer, we are observing and shooting what is happening over directing images into creation.

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evoking emotion

A Portrait Honoring a Friend – Iconic Image from Dokk Savage Photography

I stumbled upon this photo through a Facebook Group I belong to. Fearless and Framed doesn’t post a ton of portrait photos. We live and breathe documentary style photography here. However, the caption to this photo captivated me. This may not be considered a documentary photo, but Charlene’s reaction to the words of the photographer are very real, very honest.

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documenting suburbia

Iconic Photo – It’s About What You Don’t See

The blue sky in this photo, taken in the center of suburbia, is like a statement piece necklace on your business casual outfit. In Lauren’s description, you’ll learn that this Iconic Photo was produced during a documentary session. What I personally see in this photo, goes beyond what you actually see.

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iconic photo

Documenting Generations Apart

When Natalie submitted this photo and story behind it, it got me so excited to know that I will one day have these moments where a wonderful memory will jump pop into mind when I least expect it.

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